How to choose a reliable builder?

04.09.2010 00:00
Articles about real estate | How to choose a reliable builder? First, still remember scandals with houses on the Elite-Center. Secondly, because of the crisis, some construction companies have frozen construction. How could such a difficult situation to buy an apartment and do not fold up? "KP" attempted to assess the reliability of the developer.

The site builder is available with its history, the objects which he constructs, as well as with the layout of the proposed apartments. Some of each month are placed on their Web sites fresh pictures and even videos that illustrate the state of construction work.

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After this, go to specialized forums, where customers communicate apartments in different buildings. There you can meet with prospective neighbors, learn about all the rumors that circulate around the house, and read the chronology of construction of other houses the same builder.

And do not underestimate the power of Internet. It is through the forum of the victim "Elita-Center" learned about the double sale of apartments. Well, after reading about the quality of finishing in the already delivered by the houses, you can estimate how much money and time needed for repairs.

If a company has experience in the construction of houses, the chance to get an object in life is much higher than in the case of developer-opener.

Visited the construction site
It is desirable to do so in time to see how many workers at a construction site, the dispatch of a construction materials, whether cranes. Do not hesitate to photograph an object, and then compare progress.

Talk to builders. You can find them at lunchtime near the nearest store. Ask whether they pay overdue, as far as construction is behind schedule and whether the financing is stable. Find out about the quality of construction materials purchased by the company. I think that the builder is easy to talk, especially near the grocery store.

If the company has even begun to excavate more, find out whether it conflicts with local residents. It is known that some construction may not begin for months because of the protests of citizens.

An additional plus for the chosen developer will cooperate with the bank. If a major financial institution willing to finance the purchase of the facility, even without additional collateral, this suggests that it, together with the developer is in the same financial-industrial holding company or bank, oversees the construction.

But even if the developer does not cooperate with any of the financial institutions, call the practitioners in the banks that lend construction, and learn how they look at property in the house.

Must go to the office of the builder. Ask to see all the necessary documents (see USEFUL). Talk with staff and be sure to take a standard contract home.

Ask about the service organization, which will house the balance. Find out what are the tariffs for service at home, I promise to provide additional services to tenants.


Two schemes to purchase housing

The most common scheme is the purchase of houses - investing in Construction Financing Fund (CFF). These organizations have contracted with home buyers, distribute funds and oversee the construction company works.

Recently, BP must keep payments to managers exclusively in non-cash form, and also forbade the latter to allocate money for housing without the builder of all licensing documentation to the right to build. Anyway, the buyer acquires no real estate itself, and certificates of the fund. These he later exchanges per square meter in the new house.

Earmarked bonds issued by the builder. Upon completion, he repays the bonds, giving customers the possession of the housing, providing the necessary infrastructure. In this case the contract should be clearly spelled out what the house where he will stay, as well as the dates on completion.

This option is less preferable, because if the company is in the process of construction will announce a default, bond holders can expect to return only the amount equivalent to the nominal value of securities. At the same time on the property they claim they can not.

On request the company-builder must submit the following documents:

• a certificate of registration and statutes of the company;

• a certificate from the tax that this legal entity pays taxes;

• license to engage in construction activities;

• a development project, approved by the authorities of Architecture and Construction Supervision (package of technical documentation: floor plans of the building, project documentation);

• State Act on ownership of land or lease land;

• permission to build a specific object in this area, issued by the executive authority;

• Finally, a comprehensive investment expertise of the project construction.
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