How to choose a realtor scientific method?

08.09.2010 12:58
In fact, it was good in those days, when the range was not practical for anything - they give, then take it. Now we face the real agony of choice, including the services sector. How to correctly choose a realtor - the question is not idle.

It is known that, depending on their psycho people can rely on completely different parameters, taking the decision to cooperate with one or another specialist. Someone important appearance, someone always unconsciously chooses timbre of the voice, and the third is important to demonstrate professionalism and all other outward signs seem utterly irrelevant. And the degree of understanding of people depends on whether they are visual, or audialami kinestetikami and what channel information from them is dominant. So that the specialist, with whom, for example, turned out great work for me (and I have a clear visual), quite logically seem completely "not by" my friend, audialu, who said that his voice had some unpleasant, and yet communicate with him will watch.

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They say that the problem of choosing a realtor for kinestetika general is almost impossible. Even many hours of communication by telephone does not give them the necessary information to understand the suitability of the specialist to them. Only after a personal meeting and receive many recommendations kinestetik could decide that this man - my specialist.

But it's impossible to meet with every agency in our "mirror time". The dream is to see and "feel" of each expert, and even look him in action seemed unattainable. However, it seems that this problem appears elegant solution.

The exhibition "Domexpo" was the first competition for the title of "Best realtor. And it was not commonplace rewarding peers on the principle "What cuckoo praises rooster, and a very exciting performance of real estate professionals, during which all interested potential customers could competently determine whether they the specialist and whether they can trust him with the decision their housing problem. Complete information to draw everything: audialy and kinestetiki, much more than all happy visuals.

The basis of competition was based on the technology business contest, when the allotted 5 minutes two players try to negotiate, overcoming the problems that inevitably arise in any transaction in real estate.

And then plays the role of all: the looks and manner of speaking, and resourcefulness, and, of course, moral qualities. I was in the jury, which was specifically formed from people related to the real estate market, but how allied: journalists, editors, and lawyers. And I want to point out that the battle had been honest, but most importantly, it was very informative and productive for all who saw this contest. Moreover, in the contest one of the spectators signed an exclusive contract with the winner to close a transaction with an apartment. Release about the winners can be found here.

However, I can not resist not to quote from the match, which was attended by the winner - Dmitry Baida, a company Credit Max.

During the draw he got the role of agent of the company A, which asked the customer with a request to sell two-bedroom apartment in Degunino (district, which enjoys far the highest reputation, if not stronger). The agent offered to put an apartment at a very low price to attract more buyers and more to auction and to achieve the highest possible price. Wanting to five, an auction was held, and the agent A received the consent of the owner advance.

Further, the agent of one of the "fallen away" during the auction, buyers came to the agent A, and said he was willing to buy an apartment for 250 rubles. expensive. The role of the tempter took over Anatoly Pysin of real estate agency "Central Department of Real Estate.

Thus, the dialogue between the A (Dmitry Baida) and B (Anatoly Pysin):
B: My client decided to buy the apartment and gives 250 thousand more.
A: We took the advance, and we have a buyer with straight cash.
B: We offer more money, and the auction is an auction, so ...
A: The end of the auction was yesterday, and we took the advance. This is a matter of honor for the seller, they personally met with the buyer.
B: My client lives on the floor above and buys an apartment for her son, and he talked with your client, he agrees to a deal with us.
A: Two minutes ago I spoke with his client and he has not told me anything about it. (Note: The reaction was instantaneous, the hall applauded the discovery).
B: I propose to you a section of the sum: your client to 150 thousand rubles. And you personally - 100 thousand rubles.
A: I suggest to the client to deal with you, but all the money goes to him. Now call. (Imitates a phone call)
B: He agrees ...? (With hope in his voice)
A: He said that less is better ...
B: ... suitcase with the money is burning! (Laughter, applause interspersed with magnificent game)
A: The buyer does not create our problems, but I'm just a middleman. If people step over their pride and their word and take a 250-thousand more, I will conclude this deal, but until he says "no."

On that note, the fight is over, and it unequivocally defeated Dmitry - as summed up the jury - for the honesty and resourcefulness. And this fight was definitely the most vivid and memorable, which caused the reaction of the living room and the jury, so that Anatoly Pysin received a special prize for creativity, "the organizer of the contest - communicative agency« PR-style. "

My participant observation matches still allowed to admit one thing: women, although more worried, and perhaps be less artistry and creativity, much more closer to the desired result for his client - the transaction. In general, to observe all the fights were interesting, and frankly, the image of realtors in my eyes had grown a few new details of the positive, new faces, it was quite difficult, given my fairly long experience in working with real estate professionals.

It was interesting and positive, in addition to lift the veil on some "kitchen", was clearly shown professionalism and ability to resolve conflict situations, for example, that for me would be a determining factor in choosing a realtor. In fact, the competition to select a specialist in a scientific manner, and looking at his skills, listening and seeing how it works, understand the personal impression of him.

Good news is that a second contest for the best realtor will be held at the autumn exhibition Domexpo. And it will probably more exciting, so do not miss it.
Tatyana Sokolova Owner
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