How to choose a plot?

26.09.2010 08:20
Articles about real estate | How to choose a plot? It's about the application of techniques of Feng Shui to the selection of land for construction of a house. In the treatises of the teachings set forth the presence of the following animals: Turtle, Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger. These four animals are considered sacred since ancient times. If you plan to take home (front door goes to us), the location of these animals should be as follows: Turtle is located at the rear of the house, located on the left of the Tiger, right - the dragon, and before the facial facade is Phoenix.
Sure, now select the ideal of the classical location of animals on the land is virtually impossible. Must choose from what is available. However, to make adjustments are always possible.

Here are basic tips for designing, building and diaynu future home:

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1. If the terrain allows, try to arrange a house in the center of your site. Very desirable that the main exit door at the beautiful scenery.

2. The absence of the sacred beasts can successfully recover homes located near a small architectural forms.

3. When you create a plan for future home, consider the balance and mutual correspondence forms. It is very important to design the landscape correspond to internal and external design house. Then harmony will be achieved almost perfectly.

4. Do not build a house on a high mountain, or Qi, as it were sprayed and weaken.

5. Carefully review your land. If you notice it trails the animals, the former highway, in any case do not start building a house on this site. This - the "line of the Dragon" or "journey of Chi." The house, built at a place of rest will not.

6. Each room should bear his destiny, so try to arrangement of rooms was the most functional and useful.

7. If your house directed the so-called "poison arrows" (sharp corners nearby buildings or poles), then soften the "blow" from them, you can either plant a tree or building any decorative barrier.

Here are a few rules of Feng Shui that can be applied in practice, almost without effort. However, for those who have decided to seriously explore this fascinating theory and apply it in practice, we recommend you still apply to the specialists.
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