How to choose a color for your home

08.10.2010 09:28
How to choose a color for your home Accounting major taboo of Feng Shui, which relate to the interior of houses, will save you from many troubles. Once you are thoroughly familiar color and style decisions that can not help bring on troubles in your house, you will find that already can not help but think of Feng Shui at all times.

Fire (south)
All shades of red, yellow and orange. This yang colors that give the indispensable support of ocher and other earth tones, but they become deadly in combination with white.

Water (North)
All shades of blue and black. This is a very Yin colors, but they give a powerful productive energy for the tree flowers - shades of green and brown. Water colors are very poor, in combination with red as water extinguishes fire, so avoid such combinations.

Wood (east, south-east)
All shades of green and brown. This is also a yang color symbolizing growth. They are great in combination with the red and its very strengthen. These shades are less suited to the colors of the earth.

Metal (west, north-west)
All shades of gold, silver and white. These colors have a very powerful yang energies. They are extremely harmonious with the colors of water, with special water color - purple - very harmonious in combination with silver. Metallic colors should never be combined with the colors of the tree. This combination prevents the development and its best to avoid.

Land (south-west, center, north-east)
All shades of ocher, beige and brown. Earth tones combine well with the colors of the metal. Earth tones - is Yin colors are combined with water-colors, too Yin, generate chaos. The combination of the two energies of Yin exceeds reasonable limits and promises trouble, so never combine black with earth tones.
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