How to check the construction company?

05.10.2010 08:17
Articles about real estate | How to check the construction company? Over the past six months, despite the lack of mortgage lending, real estate developers and market analysts are seeing an increase in demand for new building and investment of citizens in unfinished residential buildings. How to check the reliability of the company, and its stability was told by experts of rating agency "Rating Express."

"First of all, better to deal with large companies that operate in the market is not the first" - the board of directors of the RA "Expert Rating" Vladimir Duhnenko.

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1.Posmotret reporting company site
2.Proverit profits and losses of the company. If during the last six months, revenues declined by more than one-third, it is very alarming.
3.Vyyasnit how the company is dependent on bank loans, and what proportion of bank loans to fund the company.
4.Vyyasnit what bank issued the loan and what the reputation of the bank.
5.Vyyasnite that built and when. It will speak not only about the experience of the company, but also on the investment portfolio builder.

Another expert advice to potential investors - not to trust advertising. Vladimir Duhnenko told that one of the construction companies actively promoted their project in the city center, showed even through the web-camera process of construction, but the sales were at zero. Analysis of reporting this company for the first quarter gave the same result.
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