How to check the "bad" apartment?

25.10.2010 17:32
The owner may be one, but who live in this house, and what has the rights to us and to be seen.

We already know that the whole story apartment contained in an extended extract from EGRP, but there is another important document - Extract from the house of the book. Get a statement can only be the owner or his authorized representative. But your presence at her getting extremely desirable!

Only from this document, you can learn about everyone who has ever been registered in the apartment and to decline, as well as those who privatized the apartment. You must make sure that none of the previous tenants did not "get lost" - that is, there is an address of a new registration, not temporary, for example, in prison or treatment in mental hospital.

In addition, if not all of those prescribed in the apartment at the time of privatization, to participate in privatization - to make sure that there is a written refusal to participate in privatization. And if any of the occupants had been temporarily discharged, and at this point apartment privatized - it reserves the right to participate in privatization, and can reclaim it.

Find out - are there any other restrictions and encumbrances of rights. In this case, or will be denied registration, or an apartment in your property may pass, the right to Rosreestra register, but that burden may remain!

Go back to the extract from EGRP - carefully read. In this statement, in addition to a complete description of the property shall include:

- Data on the owner (holder, if the registered right of common property);

- Type of registered rights;

- Registered restrictions (encumbrances), including number and date of state registration deadlines to which they are installed, as well as data on persons for whose benefit they are established;

- Information on the claim and alleged in court the right to claim in respect of the property.

Information about the claim reflected in the statement as follows: for example, "submitted documents for state registration of the contract of sale of this object" or "submitted documents for state registration of transfer of the object in question."

Information about alleged in court the rights of the requirements stated in the statement follows: "The rights to the immovable property to challenge in court."

If a statement all right, you need to make sure that the owner not only has the right to ownership of an apartment, but also has the ability to exercise their rights - that is, legal competence.

Transaction made by a person legally incompetent, incapable or not able to understand the significance of his actions - is negligible (ie not valid). This is especially true in cases where sellers are elderly or explicit alcoholics.

If you have any suspicions at the expense of sanity seller - ask him to provide a certificate from the neuropsychiatric and substance abuse clinic. Perhaps such a request offends the Seller. Get a certificate of authorization can not be - it can only get himself a citizen. But for obtaining help you also better be present.

In addition to all of the above, especially scrutiny should expose documents, if the apartment is sold under power of attorney if, after entry into the inheritance is less than 3 years if there is a minor or minors owners were registered.

Thus, your minimum security will provide the following documents:
* Extract from EGRP;
* Extended excerpt from EGRP to move right;
* Extract from the house of the book.

And in every case there is a need for specific action and help!

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