How to change the rules for registration of the purchased house?

31.01.2011 16:38
Articles about real estate | How to change the rules for registration of the purchased house? What changed when buying a property with the introduction in 2011 of a new legal provision of state registration of real estate?

I plan to buy an apartment in 2011. Since January 1, entered into force on the resolution "On the identification of real estate for the state registration of rights to them." What does this change when buying a home? With the SW., Igor P, wrote Money.

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Resolution of the Cabinet was made in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On state registration of property rights to immovable property and encumbrances." Normative act adopted procedure for drawing up and approval of cadastral index maps (plans) and cadastral land requirements for their design. And the naming of the real estate registration number.

In this case, registration numbers will be assigned automatically by 1 January 2012, but only objects of the primary market (flats). However, home buyers innovation unnecessary bureaucracy is not threatened. But those who want to sell the apartment in 2011, may have to get in BTI registration number of the object.

By the way, the transition of ownership (sale, gift or inheritance) of property, the number remains the same. That is, any difficulties with registration of transactions should not be, because the cardinal rule of real estate do not change - except for the innovations in the form of assigning an object number. Although, according to counsel MYUF Noerr Oleg Klimchuk, an ambiguous situation may arise during the sale, such as land with the house.

The fact that the decree provides for receipt of registration numbers on all types of real estate. And it is unclear whether to receive two registration numbers in case of a site and home. Not excluded that the very assignment of rooms can be confusing.

"In connection with that registration number will be generated automatically, it is necessary to resolve the situation of possible errors in order to automatically generate numbers when two different real estate can receive an identical number," - says Mr. Klimchuk.
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