How to celebrate New Year 2012?

18.12.2011 15:00
New 2012 Black water dragon must meet fun, active, friendly, cozy and family. The master, the Dragon loves fun, fireworks, games and fun - so when they meet all of the holiday must be in surplus.

The dragon beast mythical, legendary. Therefore, the year under the sign of this unusual creature carries a karmic event, when everyone pays what they deserved.

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To celebrate the New Year 2012 to be the case. A few minutes before the battle of little bells Away Society of Friends, relax, mentally thank the patron saint of the year - the Rabbit. Imagine if all goes well with you in the new year, and the problems and troubles are left behind in the old. When the clock strikes 12 - mentally greet the Dragon, and you should be initially set to a positive.

Generally, in the year of Dragon astrologers recommend to give love, kindness and positive emotions to others - all this will come back, multiplied many times over. Accordingly, try to be less negative emotions - otherwise Dragon will also return it to you.

The holiday should be bright and cheerful, even if it is attended by music. Remember that the dragon loves open spaces, so it would be nice to go out for a walk. To celebrate the New Year be a fun and active - organizes various activities including a holiday program for original and interesting games.

What's to celebrate the New Year or what to wear on New Year Dragon in 2012?
The question of "what to wear on New Year" are often of concern to many women. Here, the main recommendations of the astrologers are reduced to one: the festival to shine. Sparkle dresses, beauty, jewelry, smiles, wit, love of life - almost anything!

In clothes, preferably a combination of black with bright yellow, red, green or golden color. You can wear causing dresses, jewelry, make a fantastic bright makeup and manicure.

If you do not like to look bright and catchy - you can dress modest dark suit, decorating it with bright accents - a brooch, belt, scarf or any other suitable accessory.

When choosing a hairstyle, you can also show imagination. In the course would go pretty barrettes, bright hoops, hairspray, glitter, colored locks - you can come up with much. Only it is important not to overdo it and do not look like a peacock from the zoo - do observe some moderation in the use of bright accessories to please the dragon.

Any one of them, who was with you at a meeting of the New Year, try to use in everyday life. This way you will attract patronage, the owner - in fact the Dragon loves all bright and shiny. This accessory will be your main talisman, attracting good luck, but do not forget to dress him up before going out.

What to cook for New Year 2012 Dragon?

Of course, the traditional New Year's table should reign diversity and abundance. Serve absolutely any dish: chicken, duck, any poultry, veal, rabbit, beef, pork, oriental dishes - everything that fit. However, for the sake of the Dragon food should be prepared using "sharp little" spice: pepper, cardamom, basil, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, etc.

The main thing is that on the table in the New Year Dragon fish must be present. It can be anything, although preferred the more expensive varieties, salmon, sturgeon, trout and salmon. Prepare it can be in any way: steamed, roast, bake in the oven. There may also be filed with various seafood: shrimp, oysters, calamari, mussels, crayfish, crabs, etc.

For the sake of the Dragon can do an interesting "fire-breathing" focus: to throw a dish of alcohol, and so set fire to serve to the table - it looks very impressive. And it can be done not only with meat dishes, but also with dessert - fruit or ice cream. The abundance of fruit on the table will be very useful, as a dessert fruit salad can be prepared - this is not only delicious but also good for digestion, which is important.

Drinks may be submitted any, to your taste: juices, wines, liqueurs, vodka, etc. But must attend the champagne as a symbol of the holiday.

In the table layout, use candles, but take precautions. The use of sparklers will also be appropriate to commemorate the beginning of the New Dragon 2012.

How to decorate an apartment on New Year Dragon in 2012?
It follows immediately identify the main characters and elements of the coming year according to Feng Shui: dragon, water, wood. On this basis, we can draw conclusions about how to decorate the apartment. Would be appropriate starfish, seashells, pictures or figurines of fish, octopus and other sea creatures. An excellent option would be small decorative fountains and waterfalls.

Suitable materials for decorating apartment - glass, crystal, wood, flowers. That is, it can be different vases, statuettes, the composition of living or dried flowers and twigs of the tree.

And of course in the apartment must be present figure of a dragon. It is desirable that it be made of wood, glass, crystal or clear plastic. If the figures do not, it may be soft toys, picture or embroidery depicting a dragon.

Be sure to get yourself a mascot in 2012 and always carry it with you. The best option would be a key ring. You can also decorate a figure or a picture with the dragon to your desktop. Another good option would be a magnet on the fridge, so Dragon guarding your home. You can simply put the figure of a dragon anywhere in your house (except bedrooms). And then there is no doubt that during the Year of the Dragon will be supportive of your home.
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