How to celebrate Christmas in the world?

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The most delicious feasts around the globe - this Christmas and New Year. In some families, they are called - "The days of gluttony!" What to do: do not eat can not, and eat - it is impossible. The French, for example, during the Christmas holidays, eat 36 tons of candy, which is 4 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower. And what about other countries?!

Christmas table - is as much an integral part of the holiday as well-dressed Christmas tree and Santa Claus. There is no clear-cut traditions in each country are preparing their own way, but there is one general rule that complies with all of Europe, without exception: the table at Christmas should be ample. After all, before the holiday should be a post where you can eat only lean meat.

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From early on Christmas Eve, we call on Christmas Eve. Title Christmas Eve due to the custom of Orthodox Christians use this day to eat "sochivo - dried corn grains, soaked in water, simply put, porridge. Sochivo name was not only cereals but also vegetables, any lean meat, and juice, or, as said before, "milk" of all seeds: almonds, walnut, poppy, hemp, etc. This "milk" seasoned meals during Lent before sorokodnevnogo Christmas and Christmas Eve.

In Icelandic pagan roots of Christmas. According to legend, a country inhabited by many mysterious creatures: elves, trolls, kobolds. If they are friends, then the house will be cozy and quiet. A holiday in families that respect the traditions, preparing cakes, decorated with special ornaments. Each house has its own pattern: fir branches, snowflake, leaf. Cakes made "to treat" homes and forest dwellers, and of course feast itself.

The main British Christmas tradition - a rich and plentiful dinner. The menu always includes a Christmas pudding and sweet pastry stuffed with dried fruit, mixed with spices, entitled "MincePies". Strictly speaking, the lacquer on Christmas pudding and pies in the UK is prohibited.
In the XVII century, Oliver Cromwell issued a special decree, in which the use of the pudding, cookies and other sweets at Christmas proclaimed pagan sin. Even cooking them punished with imprisonment. However, hardly even the most law abiding of the British abandon a piece of pudding, poured rum.

In Scotland, at Christmas bake the ancient Celtic feast - thin and round oatcakes. Pellet distribute to all family members early in the morning, but you can only eat it for dinner, and throughout the day to carry around. Anyone who could not withstand the temptation, pellet gnawing in the new year will not escape punishment for misconduct, and the one who saved it, things will go well, and it is waiting for a pleasant surprise.

In Germany, the main dish - roasted goose with apples and cabbage. It is impossible to imagine a tree without hanging on her ginger biscuits in the shape of hearts and stars. And the most experienced hostess made from gingerbread works of art - Christmas calendars and snow-covered houses. After a holiday so want extraordinary!

In England, people can not imagine Christmas without poultry dishes. English traditional Christmas dish is a pudding, which stuck a sprig of fir. The main adornment of the festive table is a simple little Christmas tree. The most famous Danish Christmas dishes are rice porridge with raisins and cinnamon, as well as roast goose with apples. On Christmas Eve porridge is left open to the dwarves can eat feast, and next year will not hurt the owners.

In Spain, the first fed milk soup, seafood, and then only after the turkey - the main dish of the Christmas table. Sometimes, instead of turkey Spaniards prepare "besugo - Krasnoperov Atlantic Spar. This fish is very expensive, but on holiday you can still afford a few luxuries.

Lithuanian residents on Christmas Eve used to eat only lean meat. On the table, they are usually salads, kutya, dishes of fish and vegetable dishes. Meat is excluded. Roast goose can afford only a day after a family visit to the church.

Let's try to dive into the life of the Russian Orthodox family, according to the law to meet the impending Christmas.

Waiting for Christmas all year long, the preparation for it was a thorough, detailed, thorough. In the past, preparing for the holiday ahead: The wires in the house spring cleaning, set and decorate the tree, made blanks for the festive table. On Christmas Eve, has end of four weeks of Advent. Ate only fish, vegetables, yes. Fortunately, in Russia all had a lot of fish - sturgeon, sturgeon, perch, saffron cod, herring, catfish, bream ... On Christmas Eve, people usually refrain from eating until late in the evening, before the first stars. "

According to ancient custom, table sprinkle hay in memory of a cave and a manger, and then covered with snow-white tablecloth and under the table - some iron object on which everything turns around the table to put their feet to keep healthy during the coming year ( iron symbolizes health and strength)

In the evening the sixth of January (hungry day of strict fasting) did not sit down to dinner before the first stars. How to only show star, a church supper permitted by the charter of "poor" kutey - bread with dried beans, crumbled water. Then went to church, not forgetting to put a pot of "rich" kutey - boiled wheat or rice grains with honey and mashed poppy straw and a sheaf under way in the red corner. And the only returning after the night service, covered with a festive table.

On a holiday home and regaled guests all sorts of appetizers, meat and fish, flood plains and jelly. And, of course, it's hard to imagine a Christmas meal with roast goose without any apple. Roast the bird - Christmas table decoration. Chicken is served cold, goose or duck - hot. Cold bird garnished pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs, hot - fried potatoes and served separately salad of cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage, fresh and pickled cucumber, pickled apples and cranberries. At Christmas in every home baked cakes and pies, which were treated and those who came "kolyadovat.

Christmas dishes peoples of the world:

In Ukraine: the skit, soup without meat;
In Belgium: veal sausage with truffles, wild boar meat, traditional cake, wine;
In the UK: turkey sauce and gooseberries, Christmas pudding and brandy;
In Hungary: A thin wafer, coated with honey and served with garlic;
In Greece: turkey in wine;
In Denmark: duck or goose stuffed with fruit, rice pudding, sprinkled with cinnamon;
In Italy: steam cod or perch with white wine;
In Luxembourg: black pudding, apples, local sparkling wine;
In the Netherlands: rabbit, venison or game;
In Portugal: bakkalao, very sweet port wine;
In Slovakia: cabbage and carp with potato salad, a thin wafer with honey and garlic;
In Finland: ham, carrots, rutabaga and potato casserole, rolls of flaky pastry with plum jam, green beans, cranberries, cranberry;
France: oysters, foie gras, turkey with white wine, champagne and cheese.

Merry Christmas and Happy:) Enjoy your meal!
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