How to buy land?

16.03.2020 00:45
Buying land has its own characteristics, which depend on the characteristics of the site. Thus, the order of purchase varies depending on the purpose, area and subjects that act by the seller or buyer, and so on.

Buying and selling of agricultural land today is prohibited. Although there are some legal exceptions and practice to bypass these restrictions, but it is rather a rarity than the rule. Their features are in the process of buying and selling land for privatization. As for the lands that are within the boundaries of human settlements and are intended for construction, the restrictions on their sale is not: they apply the general procedure.

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Before you buy a land plot, you should make sure whether the seller is the owner of the site. Many cases where the actual users of land is not legally entitled to it and, accordingly, may not speak the seller.

It should be borne in mind that ownership of an individual to plot confirmed a single document - the state act on the right of private ownership of land. Decision of the council or public administration is not legal documents. State Act should be retained by the owner, so the first thing a buyer should ask the seller this document. If not, negotiate the sale can not continue.

In addition, the sale the seller must present to the buyer and the notary at the time of the transaction document, which contains restrictions on the use of land, as well as a document confirming the regulatory and the estimated value of such land. Regulatory cost of land specified in the certificate authority land, the same shall issue a certificate about the restrictions on the use of land. Land valuation is made in a manner to be determined in accordance with the laws of the land valuation.

Contract of sale of land subject to mandatory notarization. You must make such contract, agree on it between the parties and the notary. The notary accepts responsibility for the fact that such an agreement does not contradict Ukrainian legislation, and does not violate the legitimate rights and interests of the parties to the contract or third parties. If the contract does not meet these requirements, the notary shall have the right to deny his identity.

It should be noted that ownership of the buyer will come only after the issuance and execution of the state act. Consequently, the new owner must apply to the department of land resources for the design of a new act in his name. But the procedure of registration of the act requires the preparation of technical documents to him that it is necessary to make the buyer. After this act of state issued the new owner, which is registered in the department of state land cadastre.

Only after going through all these stages of the buyer ceases full owner of the land.

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