How to buy land in Bulgaria for 40 cents?

20.02.2011 12:22
Articles about real estate | How to buy land in Bulgaria for 40 cents? Having bought for one penny (about 0.4 ruble), three goldfish, the 27-year-old Briton Luke Sill and could not have imagined that they would lead him to the plot of land in Bulgaria. The existence of such a country he had not even suspected.

Buying fish from a friend who had nowhere to keep them held in the New Year's Eve. After this, Luke on the Internet announced their sale and waited for offers. First, he was offered a fish two pence and a bottle of beer, but the man refused. When Luke had already begun to lose hope of selling fish approached by a man who offered to exchange them for his acoustic guitar.

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After some time, Luke managed to swap his guitar for a mountain bike, which he sold for 50 pounds sterling. After that, he posted an ad on this site Gumtree, which asks users to help him dispose of the money, writes The Daily Mail.

And recently, he received a call the person who owns land in Bulgaria, and suggested that the 10-meter plot on which "you can camp, something to build or grow - or to use as a tomb for his beloved dogs."

Luke is not going to rest on our laurels and plans to continue these exchanges during the whole of 2011.
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