How to buy flats and stay with the money?

01.10.2010 00:08
Articles about real estate | How to buy flats and stay with the money? Buying an apartment in a new day is one of the relatively profitable and reliable ways to invest: in general, the market offers a little bit, still possible to purchase apartments at dumping prices, which in the future can grow.
However, the question of "how to properly and without any losses to buy a new building" remains relevant today, when the monopoly of the survivors of developers in the market of new buildings is becoming more noticeable.

We present you some tips on buying apartments in new buildings.

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1. How to choose the best offer that does not prove the potential of frozen construction site or advertising "illiquid"?

Must first examine both the object and the developer: if a company long on the market, and all objects are dealt face up and have ready at home, protracted, likely will not.

In any case, before you buy is to look at the pit, which can be dug your money. Ensure that on-site activity prevails.

2. Who better to buy - from realtors or the builder?

This is one of the issues the decision on which will take directly to the buyer. So, according to Victor Kovalenko, from "RealEkspo" when the apartment in a newly purchased through a realtor, then sign a contract to provide services to support transaction. "The mere contract equity (pre-contract or promissory note) even in the case of buying an apartment through an agency signed with the client and the developer (a legal entity to which you object construction). That is, the agency simply provides a service, but makes no guarantees. "

The builder offers the buyer only those objects which he erects itself, its purpose is to sell its own object.

Therefore, if you select a new home you are planning to consider several options for purchases and save time on searches, which is especially important today with the ever-shrinking supply volume, the best option is to purchase an apartment through a real estate agency "- Board of Realtors of" Planet Obolon.

As one of the arguments of Realtors argue that the real estate company can help with the acquisition of new buildings through mortgage. "The possibilities are severely limited, the builder, in some cases you may only offer payment by installments. It's no secret that banks lend to buy in the primary market, not all developers ", - informs Zoya Nesterenko of" Kansas. "

3. How to reach a compromise, if the apartments in the house of your dreams have already been sold, and the market offers reigns deficit?

Zoya Nesterenko recognizes the current situation today, with a deficit of interesting offerings. According to her, the most popular new developments are bought up very quickly, therefore, to choose the best option to take care of buying at the beginning of construction, when the market goes the greatest amount of apartments. " Some builders put up an apartment at a time, then you need to track variations in the sale - the Council of property developers.

4. Will the discount program or purchase of housing by installments actually save the budget for an apartment?

According to Artem Novikov, managing partner Dialog Classic on the discounts today, you can still count, right now the mass buyer of "crisis" discounts of 15-20% none to offer. Depending on the demand for the object and the position of the developer, in "savings" common discount of 3-6% for 100% payment, in business class, 5-10%. True, the unit offers a discount today were for the least liquid objects.

"The main purpose of installment-time buyers to find the missing part of the apartment. Economies of installments rather difficult to calculate, but conventionally it can be equated to interest payments for consumer loans for a period and the amount of installments, "- says Zoya Nesterenko.

5. On what the contract is better to buy new flats?

Choosing a new home, I recommend first and foremost consider the business reputation of the builder, home readiness and conditions of the concluded contract ", - said Victor Kovalenko, the director of" RealEkspo.

"Today Ukraine has legitimate 2 types of contracts: the contract of the equity in the building through the CFF and the contract booking and pokupkitsennyh market", - says the CEO of Kansas, Alexei Kiselev.

"Before we enter into a contract, the buyer must, firstly, to draw attention to a set of legal documents on the subject. The main instrument here is a building permit. Secondly, it must be clearly understood from the developer takes the money: it may be private investors, which is very risky, or a serious financial institution, or something, and more. Indicator of reliability is also lending a few objects developer any major financial institution "- advises senior lawyer Vasil Kisil & Partners Natalia Dotsenko-Belous.

In Vasil Kisil and Partners believe that if a buyer is not satisfied with any items in the contract, it is better not to sign. "A large development company spends up to thousands of contracts at the same time, so use a contract template, which had previously been agreed with all departments, legal, financial, etc. Make changes to it is almost impossible.

6. Is it possible to insure their risks when buying new construction? How to reclaim money if the house will be built?

Insurance risks when buying new construction is now possible. "In case of insurance on the market of primary housing policy term is the same construction and decoration of property rights to the apartment, as well, plus six months after the registration of property rights the customer" - talk about their practice in the insurance company "Classic."

"If the developer is seriously delaying deadlines for the house, but talks did not lead to desired results, the solution of controversial issues is possible in the courts, including the return of funds in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Main-structuring of the transaction for buying new construction so that the buyer on his hands was no agreement with the company, "dummy", the purpose of existence is only one-to protect the builder from the dishonest claims buyers "- warns Natalia Dotsenko-Belous.

According to Natalia Dotsenko-Belous, the best guarantee of security for the buyer is the presence of a builder object of the customer in the face of one of the state structures, or in support of a major financial institution. "If the object is completed, it is necessary to go to court. At this point, in most cases he sides with the buyer, so do not be afraid to address such issues in court. "

7. How to offset - to sell the old secondary housing and buy a new building, what is the convenience or inconvenience of the process?

A significant portion of buyers today considering the purchase of housing partly through their own savings and partly due to the sale of available apartments. Such a transaction requires additional time and effort. If the developer is interested in the buyer, ready to meet one way or another.

In some cases, the developer is ready to wait until a potential buyer to sell the existing property, and temporarily reserve an apartment. "Those who are rushing to sell their apartment and buy a new one, some companies offer the service trade in-credit apartment with a substantial discount of 10% -15% of market value. Therefore, this method can not be called a very popular ", - said Victor Kovalenko.

But in the current situation to the seller, especially if you buy directly from developers, who are mired in credit is more advantageous to obtain cash, rather than another object, which must be implemented. And to compensate for these inconveniences, the objects of trade-in valued vendor for 10% cheaper than their market price. Before using this scheme, the buyer must weigh what you profitable, losing money or time? "- Asks Victor Kovalenko.

8. How to keep your finger on the pulse during the construction of the house? What if the seller has closed the deal and forget about the buyer?

In large developers, if the case does not apply to "problem" and frozen objects, communicating with previously purchased the apartment they have enough customers open. Any, even insignificant at first glance, the issue closed from communication developers Natalia Dotsenko-Belous council decides by registered mail: This way of communicating only reliable for important information (slippage payment apartments, houses and deadlines, etc.). Or to resort to using "brothers in the (non) Happiness - chat in the forums on the Internet with future neighbors.

9. Renting houses of the State Commission (SC) and key. What if the deadline is postponed?

According to Artem Novikov, transfer keys and the signing of the Act for the admission of the apartment is made after the New Civil Code and has adopted a postal address. As a rule, the execution of all documents takes a few months after the home of CC. Delay in putting the house can last from 2 to 4 months, much time can take issue with the tabulation of city communications, for example. If the period exceeds 4 months, the buyer is entitled to complain to the supervisory authority - Inspection of State Architectural and Construction Supervision.

When you register as an act of the purchaser is issued an observation sheet, in which he must undo all the observed marriage. Developer, in turn, must specify time eliminating defects. However, you can take an apartment and with defects, but be sure to fix them in writing. And to attract the developer to liability can be after the signing of the act.
Victor Kovalenko
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