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Articles about real estate | How to buy and choose the plot Before you build a country house, as you know, it is necessary to acquire the land. There are two ways to become a landowner, either buy the land on the secondary market, or "knock out" from the local council laid the law weave. According to the Land Code of Ukraine (Article 121), every citizen has the right to receive free land, which is located in the municipal or state property. In particular, for an individual country construction for each of us is supposed to not more than 10 acres, for conducting Horticulture - no more than 12 acres. The "ask" the land can not necessarily the place of residence, as in the city to find a free garden plot is almost impossible. Advised to pay attention to the suburbs and even the whole area, maybe they will find the local council vacant land.

But do not particularly rely on the fact that the procedure for obtaining a free piece of land would be quite so free. In order to obtain land, you will need to spend a lot of time and money. As the people who know the procedure for land allocation requires a tremendous amount of any permits - from petitions to the local council to the findings of environmental services, land management, and others. In order to obtain their legitimate 10 acres will have to run from office to office at least half a year and, of course, invest in "presents" for the officials.

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In this case, alas, there is no guarantee that the land will be given. Local authorities may decide to reject the very legitimate request, citing the fact that the free land available there. Of course, you can challenge the decision through the court session, the local council, but experts say the land market, win put the land even after the court is unlikely. It is better to negotiate peace with the local "warlords". Fight for what is, after all the cost of one hundred, for example, in the Kiev region, starts at $ 1500 - 3000 ...

For the ground. Dear

Of course, faster and easier (but more expensive!) Can buy land on the secondary market. And if the financial resources allow, we did not buy the 10 acres, but, say, 30 or 50. It will cost in the vicinity of the capital is not cheap. For example, in Boryspil district land for the construction cost from $ 3 to $ 20 thousand for a hundred thousand. For example, in a. Protsiv (30 km from Kyiv) for the 25 hectare site in a cottage in the co-op asking $ 6 thousand, and in s. Schaslivoe weave price ranges from $ 7 thousand to $ 16 thousand

In Kiev Svyatoshinsky near the price of land plots for construction starts from $ 1.7 thousand sq.m., but can reach $ 20 thousand or more. In Brovarskom - from $ 2.5 thousand to $ 10 thousand in the vicinity of Lvov sq.m. of land in a good place you can buy for $ 1.5 - 5 th in the Dnepropetrovsk area for construction costs from $ 1.5 thousand for the city to $ 35 thousand in the city.

Some land is cheaper, has a different intended purpose. Despite the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land can be found the announcement of the sale of land for personal farming. The cost of this land funny - from $ 150 per hundred. Land for construction of a warehouse or industrial facility will cost between $ 1.5 thousand sq.m..

But do not forget that in order to build a house, it will be necessary to change the purpose of the land, and it costs time, nerves and a lot of money - from $ 300 for one signature. (See "Money"? 21 of 22 February 2007, available at We should not forget that until 2008 to change the purpose of the plot for personal farming is prohibited moratorium on sale of farmland. However, there are experts who say that the moratorium did not abolish the possibility of conversion, but only raised the cost of it.

Loans for land

Private land - not only an opportunity to establish a "family nest", but also a good investment, say financiers. And at this the right thing and take no pity! Especially since the purchase of land to get a loan now possible in almost any bank in the top twenty.

However, due to legal complexities "land for land" lend only some of them ("Raiffeisen Bank Aval" - the "Land of credit" bank "Nadra" - "Credit for the purchase of land," "Kredobank" - "Boss" and others). Average interest rates on such loans within the range 16 - 19% in UAH, 10 - 13% in dollars and 9 - 12% in euros. It looks as follows: between the seller and the buyer sign a contract of purchase and sale of land. Buyer shall be calculated for the purchase money, which is part of the loan funds. Typically, the ratio of its own contribution to the loan is 20/80 or 30/70 the market value of the land.

"Some banks may understate the market value. Thus, the actual ratio of its own contribution to the loan may increase, which is certainly not always acceptable to the borrower. Sometimes such a situation occurs in the case of lending of the program with zero own contribution. That is, in fact, it already program, in which his own contribution still needs "- says the head of the active operations of individuals of" Finance and Credit "Igor Shevchenko. By the way, some banks are lending to the purchase of land and no down payment (for example, "Raiffeisen Bank Aval").

Together with the sales contract the buyer signs a contract of pledge or mortgage of property rights agreement, under which passes the security of the loan the property rights to land under a contract of sale to ensure your credit debt with an obligation for a limited period of the contract to transfer a mortgage already own the land site.

Because the production time of the state acts on the ownership of the land is usually from three months to a year, the bank at this time interval is rather weak security - property rights.

In this regard, some banks use the insurance mechanism of its financial risks, while others are tightly regulated in terms of transfer of land to mortgage.
Some banks even impose two different rates for each period. While the act has not been made public, will have to pay for the loan of 1 - 2%. Thus, banks 'stimulate' the borrowers as quickly as possible to convey to the bank to mortgage the land itself. By the way, some banks may not issue a loan secured by land, if the seller of land is listed as a pensioner, or the owners of several persons, including minors.

The risks of land

Purchase of land - is a risky business. And so as not to be trapped, must be very careful approach to the selection of land and study documents the seller, so you do not clear that use of the purchased land, and even more so to build a house on it - there's no way. According to the lawyer of "Legal Alliance" Eugene Shcheglov, the most common risks associated with the purchase of land - the absence of the person selling the land, the powers at his disposal, and an act of ownership of the land. Keep in mind that a site that is used by persons who are not sold separately from the buildings on it, and passed to a new owner for the use of existing buildings. At the same time, some owners of land, as has been said, are limited in right of selling them until 2008.

It also can "float" any co-owners, who have the right to use this site (relatives, heirs, etc.), or land shall be handed over to someone already in the lease. By law, the seller must notify the buyer that the land is sold with some weights, but in practice it is extremely rare.

"Less common are various easements (the right to use someone else's property. - Ed.). For example, the neighbors have a right of passage or travel by land to their site. These weights do not prevent the sale of land, but may complicate its use," - said Mr. Mr. Shcheglov. If any of these items there - take the time to clearance of the transaction is not necessary. It is better to think very well, and maybe even find another plot of land.
It is not wrong?

What should be in agreement about the transfer of ownership of the land?

· A detailed description of the land to the definition of the location, size, purpose, composition, and other lands.

· Applications in the form of documents proving ownership of land sell-side, there is no information about the restrictions on alienation of land, as well as the absence or presence of restrictions on the use of land, for example, the transfer of land as collateral, lease, easement.
Let us now?

What is needed for processing the loan for the purchase of the land?

· Copies of passports of the owners of the land, copies of certificates of assignment of identification numbers.

· Transfer of Ownership Agreement.

· Information on the regulatory pecuniary valuation of land, issued by the state agency land.

· An extract from the State Land Cadastre of the absence or presence of restrictions on the intended use of the land.
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