How to buy an apartment at below market price?

01.11.2010 03:17
Whereas previously the term "metropolitan housing market" and "cheap apartments were almost incompatible, today it is impossible in this symbiosis is not. With the crisis of the news that appeared in Moscow cheap housing, spread over almost the entire country. But what these cheap apartments, which makes them such, and, most importantly, whether they live?

Location is everything
First of all, we should dispel expectations of the Romantics: "In the center of Moscow cheap apartments there is simply no", - said General Director of Great Reality Natalia Rakov. This postulate is not changed with the onset of the crisis. The only thing that happened - this is a reasonable correction of the value of the objects, the previously heavily overvalued because of excessive demand. But due to the fact that the principle of location has not lost its significance in the Central District noticeable to the naked eye cheaper apartments did not happen.

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Although it recognizes the head of the department of urban real estate company NDV-estate "Svetlana Birini, in times of crisis the fall in prices affected all objects on the secondary market. But first of all affected apartments in areas with poor transport access and far from the metro (areas in the Central District to them, as we know, do not apply).

"Traditionally, the most significant factor affecting the price per square meter, is the location of the property. Thus, our data shows that today the average price of 1 square. m in a panel hruschevke in central Moscow is 161 rubles. per square. m, on "Schelkovo" - 119 thousand rubles. per square. m ", - said Andrei Bannikov, head of the secondary real estate company" ABC housing. "

So if you want to still find cheap accommodation in the heart of his search is still not worth it. Most likely, it happens that the object that you acquire in the central regions of acceptable standards of your money will be defective and also expensive when compared with the exact same objects in the suburbs. Although, as evidenced by the Managing Director of «Century21 West Eugene Skomorovsky, buyers willing to sacrifice comfort for the sake of desire to live" potsentree "still a lot:" Most people prefer accommodation in a prestigious apartment over the area. And given that the property is, in principle, not the cheapest goods, it turns out that uncomfortable "malosemeyki are one of the most sought-after commodities.

For example, in the database "Inkom-real estate" were discovered the following items within the Circle Line subway. Apartment near metro "Arbat", the 12-storey old house, the area of 34.7 square meters. m, bathroom combined, has a balcony, the value of property - 10.8 million rubles. Or 30-meter apartment in the metro Tverskaya for 9.5 million rubles. Over 6 million rubles. the metro Shabolovskaya proposed apartment area of 32 square meters. m, without a balcony, in the old five-storey.

As you can see, even though such facilities and will be present almost all the uncomfortable symptoms of housing affordable to call them is impossible. And with the crisis, this rule has not changed.

House or hotel?
Consider the situation where the buyer is not important area of residence. It needs to purchase a separate housing for the lowest price. Such proposals are also available. For example, in the database "Miel" is offered in five-storey apartment near m. "Babushkinskaya a total area of 25 sq. m, but ... with the cost of meter 154 thousand rubles. (A total price of the object looks attractive - 3,8 mln.).

Inexpensive to buy an apartment hotel type in the three-minute walk from the subway Skhodnenskaya - only 2.9 million rubles. For housing within the city the price is really very attractive, and even seems incredibly low. If it were not for the general footage of the object - only 13 "squares"! Actual size is 9 square meters. m, and the kitchen - 2. Thus, the cost of 1 sq. km. m more than 223 thousand rubles. " This price meter exceeds its fair value in a luxury segment, which, according to the analytical center of Inkom, in early April was 219.6 thousand rubles.

In this case, an apartment hotel type characterized by an extremely small area (less than 30 square meters. M, and the minimum - 13), tiny bathrooms with toilets with shower tray or bath seating, also found the kitchen, combined with the hallway.

Although the cost of such housing could not be more aptly suited for low-income buyers, it will not solve the housing problem for young families. Originally a housing fund created just for singles. Interestingly, in the future, it can be extended with new, higher-quality projects - a small apartment in solid houses. As the general director of investment agency Est-A-Tet Kaido Kaarma, developers are gradually beginning to fill this niche. Therefore, due to market better, "malogabaritok" The average price of them can grow in the future. But it will be meaningful to bargain when purchasing the old "gostinok.

Easy share
In databases agencies can meet a lot of proposals "apartments" in the range of costs 600-800 rubles. Of course, if we consider such proposals to close, then it turns out that the sale offered not own the apartment, but only a fraction of them. This may be a ½ share and 1 / 8 and even 5 / 12 ... Of course, the smaller the stakes, the better, the better buy. But in any case purchase of a share - a big risk. Most often share ownership occurs when spouses divorce or the section flat on the court or by will.

If you buy a share, to be sure that the former joint owners abandoned the pre-emptive right of redemption of the shares. Not always share is physically isolated, that is, for example, the area coincides with an area of one of the rooms. Therefore the "redistribution of property" in such apartments is not uncommon.

The only reason we can agree to buy shares - is to design a permanent Moscow registration, if other ways of getting there.

Burden of shopping
Another way to reduce the budget to buy an apartment and stay within a smaller amount - consider buying an object with the encumbrance. According to Svetlana Birini, there are many kinds of charges on the sale of apartments. And the more complicated situation, so, consequently, lower the price. "For example, the legislation allows owners (mostly elderly) to solve their problems (physical and otherwise) by order of his apartment, not leaving it in life, - says the expert. - They enter into contracts, after the signing of which there is an encumbrance. These treaties include: the contract of alienation with the right to life residence (among realtors is called "pozhiznenka") contract of annuity, the content of the testament, a contract of life maintenance of a dependent, a constant annuity.

Encumbrance arising by operation of law - is the mortgage. "This burden arises when the borrower realizes that he does not become a force mortgage payments, - said Andrei Bannikov - he puts his apartment up for sale and negotiates with the bank for permission to sell. Next were received from the deal of the money he pays his debt to the bank, the rest is left for himself. "

The cost of these flats below the average, but demand is low, experts say. Thus, the database of real estate located in the pledge of bank VTB 24, there are apartments in the Moscow region for the price of 3 million rubles., In Moscow - in 4,8-6,7 mln. As well as luxury items worth more than EUR 1 million . Apartments for outliers its cheapness, in such bases, alas, no.

Thus, in order to save money on buying a home is likely to have to live with it not the most convenient location. But it will give more opportunities for trade, which today is still more than appropriate.
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