How to buy a house and leave the cheaters with a nose?

15.10.2010 07:50
Despite the measures taken by Russian lawmakers measures, fraud in the housing market continues to thrive. Moreover, a crisis of imagination fraudsters become more sophisticated and bold, and actions - more targeted and careful.

Buyers today have a better understanding of the technology deals, but still hungry for cheap and easy options for home purchase, and enjoy what fraudsters and unscrupulous real estate brokers.

Buyer's desire to save - perhaps the main driving force for rogues operating in the housing market. Housing prices are still unaffordable for many segments of the population, especially when it comes to accumulated funds, where every penny counts, and the alternative deals with the exchange of the old estate, looking for a cheaper new buildings, etc. And while many "popular" scams are on the standard, already familiar to mainstream consumers in the arsenal of criminals, some of whom are real estate companies, often acting assistant during operations on purchase and sale of apartments, new, modern and technologically metody.Za 101 - KILOMETER

As before, the direct victims of scams are most vulnerable populations - lonely old people, alcoholics and people with disabilities and orphans who receive housing after leaving the orphanage, told deputy director of Miel-Brokerage Legal Irina Shugurova. But apart from them may suffer, and the citizen who decides to buy an apartment.

This happens usually the case. SCAM renew apartment deceived people (for example, put his signature in unconscious or under pressure) by proxy at any figurehead, which then puts these objects in the sale. Discharged from the former owners of the apartment and moved into remote areas, often outside the Moscow region, at best - a simple village house. But there are situations where resettlement is carried out in a dilapidated house. Sometimes in a derelict private home prescribes dozens of people.

To warn our readers, compiled a list of the most common fraud schemes in transactions with real estate.

Usually obtained in such a fraudulent apartments are sold at a price below the market. Therefore, buyers suspiciously cheap apartments also have to be careful. You should carefully check the apartments, which are sold by proxy or at a reduced cost, because if it turns out that the owners bought the apartment lost her against his will, the transaction can be challenged. In this case, the buyer can leave with kvartiroy.Tehnologii XXI century

One of the new fraudulent schemes on the real estate market has become quite popular lately in the way of criminals with sending SMS to short number of mobile operator - so fraudsters reconnoiters contact potential buyers or tenants. For example, a person to advertise or rent an apartment, and pointing out his cell phone, there are reports of fake "agencies" in which he offered to send contacts database of buyers or tenants, if they send in payment of SMS-message.

According to the company DOKI, the cost of the communication cost the subscriber in an amount up to 150 rubles, but no information about potential buyers or callers on the phone, by itself, did not occur. This scam was small, but ambitious, and realtors have advised owners not to include open access number of your cellular phone.

According to the head of the department of urban real estate company NDV-estate "Svetlana Birini are now fewer cases of fraud.

Real estate agencies argue that introducing a security program for buyers. For example, create departments that control the security of transactions. Consumers themselves have become more careful and picky when choosing a real estate company, legally savvy. "At the same time, we can say that the fraud had disappeared altogether.

To stay afloat, rogues have to invent new, more sophisticated schemes. So, is almost sunk into oblivion cases where under the guise of one apartment to sell another. For example, for the sake of these goals, the pointer (the tablet on the house with the street name and house number). Changed and the number itself flats "- says Svetlana Birini.

Today, she says, the most common fraud advances. Technology is as follows: for sale spotted apartment at a price far below market value. Further, enclosing an advance agreement, the realtor of the firm's one-day accepts money.

After a certain time, such a firm one-day concealed: to return the money and find the culprit is almost impossible. Among the popular schemes of fraud Svetlana Birini notes making transactions on false documents, by unscrupulous notaries, as well as transaction conditions which are bonded.

Also on the list of scams are those deals where you know that one of the persons is registered in drug treatment or psycho-neurological clinic. In what a deal it is easy to challenge and invalidate

"Fraudulent transactions, unfortunately, occur in the market, and one of the species - so-called" double sale "in new buildings, where one apartment sold to two different people. Deal with this practically impossible, since all documents are available from the developer. In this case, you can sue a swindler, is likely to be punished. But deceived the buyer - the one that the second "buy" an apartment - will be without property and, most likely, no money, "- says the managing director of real estate agency exclusive" Manor "Natalie Katz.

According to her, sometimes crooks trying to sell a property on a false passport. This fraudulent scheme could be prevented if, before the transaction order form in the passport office number 1, which will identify the seller and compare the photo on the form number 1 with a photo in a potentially fake passport.

Good old "divorce" "In my opinion, if the crisis and the increased amount of fraud in the property market, it is primarily due to the fact that consumers themselves, trying to save money, have more appeal to the so-called" black "and" gray "realtors, small little-known companies that have less percentage of agency fees.

Often this is due to the non-return of advance payments ", - said the managing director of