How to build the suburbs

14.01.2011 07:50
Articles about real estate | How to build the suburbs Near Moscow, authorities have made public their plans for growth areas. By 2020, there should grow about 80 million m2 of housing. For that officials are willing to give developers some 80 thousand hectares of land. The lion's share of destroyed fields and meadows will go under houses and townhouses. High-rises gradually disappear with the construction maps suburbs.

Reigns at Moscow construction site will be cottage developers. It is with these officials to sign most of the investment contracts. The regional authorities have already identified potential sites for new construction. According to the scheme in 40 districts of Moscow region only 11 will be constructed apartment buildings. Their share while bureaucrats divert 17.6 million m2 of housing. Holiday "digest" 23,800,000 m2.

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In the stunted three leaders will Solnechnogorsk, Podolsky, and Dmitrov district near Moscow. Here officials were allowed to build 2.4 million m2, 2 million m2 and 1,500,000 m2 of low-rise housing, respectively. Most skyscrapers rise in Ramenskoye (3800000 m2), Solnechnogorsk (3.4 million m2) and Lenin (2,400,000 m2) areas.

Moscow return to the origins of the head of the regional construction sector hopes Eugene Seregin. According to him, in the area do not have to build a typical building height of 17, 20, 24, 25 floors. "You do not chase the floors, to do what has historically produced - 200, 300 years ago" - sums up Seregin.

Under the ancestral estates and townhouses officials have promised to allocate tens of thousands of hectares of land. Construction site will appear on empty fields and meadows. Until 2010, near Moscow, authorities promised to change the appointment of 48 thousand hectares of farmland and 2020 - 78 thousand hectares.

Suburban housing market is today one of the most attractive for investment. According to the company Mayfair Properties, under construction in Moscow housing can provide returns of 30-60%. Moscow boasts such figures can not.

If the metropolitan economy-class housing in the past year has reached its ceiling, a Moscow suburbs is where to aim, experts say the analytical center "Indicators of Real Estate Market" (IRN). According to their data, the average cost of 1 m2 in suburban cottage is $ 3326, in townhouses - $ 2810, and in low-rise residential complexes - $ 3,460.

The market can not absorb such a large number of country projects, fears director of the department of elite residential real estate company Knight Frank Ekaterina Thain. At the end of 2006 in Moscow, according to "Rodex Group, there were about 350 cottage settlements, of which 245 projects - in progress. Only mortgage will help ensure that many estate buyers, says Ekaterina Thain.
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