How to build a house abroad

27.05.2012 01:00
Articles about real estate | How to build a house abroad Unable to find their dream home through the advertisements of the sale of foreign real estate, some people decide to build it yourself. It is not easy, but this way you can become an owner of housing that meets all individual requirements.

As a general rule, building a house involves several mandatory steps:

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A. To purchase land
Virtually any foreign country, Russians have the opportunity to acquire land for housing. However, sometimes you may encounter limitations complicate this process.

For example, in Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, and the Russians have the right to arrange the purchase of land can only be a legal entity. In Latvia, foreigners can not own plots, that relate to the state border zone, the dune lands to protect the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea, as well as to the protective zone of the other streams and rivers, agricultural and forestry lands. Such areas can only take a long-term lease for 99 years.

In many countries there are areas in which construction is prohibited. Before buying a plot definitely need to make sure that it is possible to construct residential buildings.

Two. Get a building permit
Sometimes the land is sold together with the decorated building permit. Of course, such objects are more expensive: in Croatia, after receiving the required documents section of the price increases by about half.

But most of the plots are sold without the required documentation, so all the building permits needed to draw on their own. You must provide to the local administration of the project house, designed in collaboration with architect and engineer. Well, if it will be employees of the firm, which later will build - because they have a direct interest to get permission. Specialists working on the project, should be aware of all the requirements that apply to residential buildings in the area. For example, villas in Tuscany are built in compliance with the particular style typical of this Italian region: the houses are to be stone walls, a roof with clay tiles and wooden floor beams.

The period for which can be issued a building permit depends on the country. In the Czech Republic it is up to 30 days in Bulgaria - about six weeks, and in Croatia - from six months to a year.

Having received permission to start work within the stipulated time, which is also significantly different in different countries: for example, in the U.S. - six months in France - two years, and in Bulgaria and Finland - for three years. If during this period, the construction is not started, it is necessary to issue the resolution again.

When calculating the timing for the construction of homes in Bulgaria should take into account features of the local laws: in the summer in the coastal areas of this state can not carry out construction and exterior repairs.

Three. Pay and supervise the work of builders
Typically, a comprehensive service construction company paid gradually, after the completion of certain milestones specified in the contract is made part of the sum.

For example, such a scheme is adopted in France:
Part of the total amount,% Time of payment
10% after signing the contract
5% of the start of construction
10% after laying the foundation
15% of the construction of walls
20% after installation and roofing
and to ensure water tightness of the roof
15% after installation of walls, windows and exterior doors
20% of the equipment after the plumbing, heating,
water and interior
5% on completion

The lowest prices for construction in Europe can be found in Bulgaria. Having reviewed the statistics for 56 countries of the world, analysts at EC Harris came to the conclusion that Bulgaria is cheaper for this indicator only, Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka. Incidentally, in the last three states construction is four times cheaper than in South East England. And most will have to incur high costs for those who decide to get a house in Switzerland.

The most expensive country in the world at the cost of construction

Country Place
1 Switzerland
2 Denmark
3 Sweden
4 Ireland
5 France
6 Australia
7 Germany
8 Austria
9 Belgium
10 Canada

The Customer may, but is not obliged to monitor all stages of construction. Typically, supervision over the work carried out not in person, but through the architect, who controls the process, based on the approved project.

4. Register a property right in the land registry
When the object is ready, it remains only to fulfill certain legal formalities to become a happy homeowner: you have to register ownership of the local land registry. Assist in this often offer construction firms.
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