How to balance family and business

09.10.2010 00:03
Articles about real estate | How to balance family and business Many face the fact that the work eventually alienates them from family. This happens due to the fact that too much energy goes in one direction, that is created by skewed in one direction, and the harmonious combination of yin and yang is disturbed. To this was not, feng shui advises correctly to "strengthen" the relationship between business and marriage. Remember that a strong united family - is a powerful "Generator" good luck. Whoever has the reigns in the family love and harmony, will be able to quickly achieve success in any business. The total energy power in a united and strong family, growing in geometrical progression.

First, pay close attention to the area of love and marriage. There must always prevail clean and tidy, as trash, clutter, dust under the bed, etc. hinder the normal flow of qi and cause rifts in the family.

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Second, carefully examine the space sector between marriage and career sectors and wealth. It is likely that among them there is either too much furniture that interferes with their corners flow of qi, or are subjects capable of the symbolic level to cause a break. For example, a simple pre ¬ metric items, like scissors, lying between the two zones, creates a stress field, which manifests itself as a misunderstanding of the spouses to each other, often squabble, etc. By the same "harmful" things can be attributed, and broken dishes especially with sharp edges. In general, watch out for, so that in the area of marriage have never been broken items or those that have already appeared cracks, or in your family life too, any "cracks". Remember how strong things in this area are so strong and your relationship. In this area of Feng Shui should not be, and such items:
* Knife;
* Dead or fading plants;
* Cacti;
* Pictures of dead relatives;
* Stuffed animals;
* Paintings of fires, floods, violent scenes, disasters, etc.;
* Bin;
* Storage of old clothes, which had long been nobody wears;
* Objects belonging to a stranger, for example, is something left in storage, can exude negative energy field that alters the equilibrium flow of chi between spouses or other family members;
* Antiques.

Such things are a feng shui energy of previous owners and therefore may cause unwanted effects. By their nature, they are alien, so do not be surprised if your relationship will be someone else and one of the spouses will change. Always be careful with these things and objects. And the "third" could easily become a business itself, that is, on a subconscious level, a wife (or husband) you will be jealous of the business, because he, not the favorite (the favorite), you pay more attention!

Third, to restore the emerging rift between the couple, place in the sector of love and marriage, two candles tied with ribbon - white and red. They will impersonate a man and a woman. Every evening, and even more so when there are misunderstandings and conflicts, light candles - it will clear the aura of a house or apartment from the influence of negative vibrations. Often ignite incense.
Generally to many years of relations between spouses were gentle, strong and full of love, try to keep all items in this sector were the guys - two candles, two glasses, two paintings, a couple of pillows, etc. The images of single women and men, buildings and statues standing alone is unacceptable. The presence of gypsy subject in this area is very dangerous, even joss sticks should be several.

With the same purpose, hang on a wall or put on the table, photos, where you, along with his wife (spouse) or the whole family. This will give the necessary characteristics of the flow of qi, that is, help to unite and strengthen the bonds between you. Their powerful energy will positively impact not only on the sector, but also for the whole house, gently changing the aura of all the rooms. From this point of view for spouses best photos are pictures of their wedding and honeymoon. But the photos where near you, and certainly more among you are strangers, those who do not live with you in an apartment, avoid.

In no case do not allow the photographs were scratches, cracks, or images that divide you. These pictures will not lead to the desired result, on the contrary, can only exacerbate the negative impact of negative chi.

Also, pay attention to frames. Photos must be framed in elegant, without imitations of granite. Frames should create a feeling of lightness. Otherwise, you risk its relationship to weight. Snapshots in heavy large part will bring into your life falsity - a mind all it will seem remarkable, but really there between you invisible barrier.

Fourth, in the southwest bedroom place objects, associating ¬ Xia you with love and romance, or are witness to your tender feelings. Keep here as treatises on love - "Kama Sutra", "Tao of Love", "Ananga-wounds-gu, and others. There is desirable to keep the family archive.

Fifth, avoid the presence of electrical appliances in the bedroom. This can make your relationship with artificial, fake, at first you just will not talk to each other part of the truth, but, ultimately, quite simply start lying to each other. Work and family will be different universes, and sooner or later you will inevitably wait for a divorce. Therefore, if a bedroom has a TV, visually separating the bed of the spouses, be sure to carry up to another room. From electrical Feng Shui allows only bras, and then hang it is necessary so that it is not between spouses.

Sixth, at work in his office put on the windowsill flowers in pots or hang paintings of nature - all this will contribute to the harmonization of energy. And, figuratively speaking, "more firmly tied" to your family.

Seventh, to strengthen the friendly atmosphere among the family members will plant on the east side of "family" tree. If you live in an apartment - at the window of a room better than the one where you often get together, if you live in your home - in the yard. As a "family" tree species selected should be such as apple, cherry, apricot and so forth, that is, more fruit. In the extreme case can be planted mountain ash, and all other trees in this role do not fit.

In the planting of "family tree", of course, must involve all family members, and only in this case it will benefit, that is, become a power generator, which preserves the warm strong family relationships.

Placing "family" tree, watch for his health and good appearance, because it symbolically represents the "healthy" relationship the whole family. Standing tree "sick" as this immediately reflected at all. Conversely, if the blossom and give fruit - things rapidly go smoothly, in whatever state they are.

Eighth, in the sector of love and marriage should be as often as possible to sound calm, romantic music - it harmonizes the energy balance and lead to numerous vibration flows.
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