How to avoid fraud when buying a flat

13.11.2010 15:55
Purchasing an apartment is a very important step in everyone's life. After all, she would become his home, a place where he would return each evening, where he can relax and experience the joys and woes. That's why people pay big money for their own homes.

But buying an apartment, you must consider not only their own desires, and real estate market. Today, many people eat to earn a sham sale of apartments, so it pays to stock up on important information that will help you avoid getting into trouble because of rynkovyh fraud.

There are many ways to counterfeit sales flat: sales premises of another owner, the sale of flats in poor condition or the mortgaged premises under the loan. One of these bogus is also selling a home on phony documents. With the help of a scanner and Photoshop, you can create any document, any form or certificate. Those who are not familiar with the latest computer technology can acquire a document that will confirm your ownership of certain property. You can find and corrupt notaries. For such a phony contract for sale of processed documents. Before forcing the client money, he shows how a flat or even worse, the room of his friend, who went on vacation and asked to look for fish. Well, after a fraudster to get his amount, he disappears and you find that the apartments have already hosts.

Here, the question of how not to fall into the clutches of fraudsters are very relevant. Buying an apartment, you are always at risk. So before you buy check all the documents on several occasions. You can ask for help from an experienced lawyer that he was confident that things are really complicated and that the treaty right and beneficial for you. It is not necessary to save it as better to pay one hundred extra dollars than to lose thousands.

If you wish to buy space on the secondary market, that is not new apartment, and one that was in use, worth a chat with neighbors or former tenants. Ask why they sell the apartment, they do not like here. This way you can evaluate the shortcomings of future purchases, and at the same time learn what constitutes your neighbors. Especially important to determine not spelled out whether the apartment of some secret family members, for example, children who have not reached adulthood.

Today, there is the notion of liberation yuridechskom apartment. These facilities include a home that does not have any outstanding utility payments, rent and so forth. Is an important and payment method. Arrange it so that it was completely safe. A good option would be if you could arrange for payment through the bank.

Of course, it is very difficult to tell all about buying an apartment. But one thing is for sure, comfort and well being of your life to a new purchase depends entirely on how well you ukladete agreement and make preparations for the purchase. So good luck in finding and purchasing your new home.
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