How to avoid common mistakes in selecting a realtor?

28.10.2010 18:51
Sooner or later, many are turning to real estate agencies - real estate agencies. So, choosing any of the sets in any case not in a hurry to conclude a contract with him.

Will be much more practical to learn more about this company: to find their website on the Internet, all carefully consider, read the reviews, including on third-party resources.

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If you select an agency from a few vending, do not be lazy, go around them all, discuss the cost of services and working conditions in each. Do not get fooled by apparent cheapness - the price of services available at all about the same, "miser pays twice."

One of the most common ploys real estate agents - a proposal in an identified implicitly forced to pay the suddenly arisen "additional costs". In the event that the apartment must urgently to buy or sell, and sometimes this (extra cost) is really necessary for the deal, well, in most cases - no. And yet, if your transaction requires immediate processing of documents, you do not know today the cost for this service, you are risking much to spend excessively overpaying, says Fraternal city portal.

The Council will follow the same: it is desirable to discuss any additional costs that can only occur in the process of buying and selling real estate in advance. In addition to these possible additional embezzlement may appear such as: banking services, which will store the entire amount, advertising in the media, making the contract of sale, etc.

Another important point, which also should pay attention - is the realtor from the opposite side of the transaction. If your interests are represented by professionals - they will interact with each other without your intervention. If you are doing one - Be on the alert. Agent - a person that represents not only the interests of his client, but also their own.
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