How to avoid becoming homeless

30.10.2010 14:53
Police offers in real estate transactions compare documents with databases FMS.<br /><br />Frauds associated with the confiscation of citizens' housing does not become smaller. In Moscow alone annually lose their apartments for 200-250 people.<br /><br />Head of ordinary crimes of the Main Investigation Department at the Moscow police Kuligin Alexander said that the scammers hunt for housing for those who are included in the so-called risk groups - alcoholics, mentally ill and the elderly, single people.<br /><br />Criminals usually operate well-organized group, which is clearly assigned responsibilities. In the passport offices or DEZah find lists of tenants of the risk group, rubbed them in trust, solder or providing social assistance supposedly - bring food, medicines, clean the apartment. And the slip to sign documents or do a clean sheet of paper. Since there are bogus powers of attorney for any real estate transactions, gifts, legacies.<br /><br />"Prikormlenny" notary certifies the document, the apartment becomes a stranger. A former owners or thrown into the street or taken away to another area in some ramshackle "house in the village." Somehow, the most popular for such "links" with Moscow fraudsters enjoy Vladimir, Tula and Bryansk region. Happen, and murder.<br /><br />Another way to rob an apartment - to forge a foreign passport. In the lost or stolen paper pasted another picture and the new "owner" sells the apartment, which allegedly registered. It happens that this operation takes place with the passport of a deceased person. Heirs suddenly learned with horror that the deceased shortly before death or sold to someone bequeathed property. Moreover, the known even romantic stories - fictional, of course - when relatives reported marriage, who allegedly entered the deceased. Like, he had a secret love, and even fully furnished relationship - that's a stamp of registrar. And the newly-born spouse begins to demand his "legitimate" interest in the apartment.<br /><br />Of course, without the help of corrupt officials scam does not.<br /><br />Police analysts believe that the law should protect people who commit real estate transaction. For example, you need a normative order to establish a rule that the registration service check documents for registration of property rights to the databases of the Federal Migration Service. After all the information about lost passports, exchanged or surrendered documents are flocking to migratsionschikam. And then significantly reduce the risk that the deal will make for a fake.<br /><br />Going to the police and take a closer look to those officials and notaries, who are involved in criminal schemes. According to Alexander Kuligina, prepared a list of notaries public, to which there are the claims by investigators. This list will be handed over to the community of notaries - to test the "purity of the series."<br /><br />The police advise how to avoid the fate of the homeless. To do this, you'll first need to take care of their elderly, sick or drinking relatives. When crooks saw that the man is not alone, that near it is close, they do not risk venturing scam.<br /><br />And those who buy an apartment, it is necessary to study the history of previous transactions. Even a bona fide purchaser may lose property, if suddenly you find that the apartment was purchased by fraudulent means. Obvious sign - multiple selling apartments in a short time. Say the year. That is, fraudsters several times resell each other at the same house that the transaction has acquired legitimacy. And then find a good buyer.<br /><br />Moscow police investigators this year have uncovered 115 such crimes. Fraudsters have from 8 to 15 years in prison.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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