How to avoid becoming a victim of scams when buying an apartment?

08.05.2011 16:30
Articles about real estate | How to avoid becoming a victim of scams when buying an apartment? Buying a home - always very important, responsible and quite costly step, which largely determines the future life. Many, especially in light of scandals like the "Elite-Center" to guard against risks to pay the money and left with nothing, prefer buying an apartment in the secondary market. But here too there are many undercurrents.

In order not to fall into the trap of scammers, you need at least a general understanding of how the process of sale, and carefully check all the stages of the transaction.

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1 Meet the seller personally, look at his passport, check the documents in the apartment. Even if the apartment is sold under power of attorney, be sure to meet with its owner. Make sure that buying an apartment from the real masters of this document.
2 requires that you provide the originals of all documents relating to the agreement. With copies, even notarized cases it is better not to have.
3 If you as a document confirming the right of property, the seller offers a contract of sale, gifts, inheritance, contract or other document notarized, be sure to check whether the lawyer had the authority to certify documents - if not, these documents shall be deemed null and void.
4 If the seller is not the sole owner of the apartment, we require a notarial agreement of all co-owners.
5 Be sure to pay attention to whether the live (or lived) in a flat minor children. If children did not participate in the privatization, but had been prescribed, there is a risk that they will appeal to the court for recognition of the illegal privatization. The court can set aside part of the newly privatized apartments, which, in fact, belongs to you. In this case you can not find the owner of the entire apartment, but only parts of it.
6 Do not buy a house for families with children who live in boarding school. They also qualify for housing motsgut parents.
7 The contract must specify the real value of the apartment. If for any reason the purchase and sale will be voided, you can not prove they bought the apartment for an amount significantly different from that specified in the contract.
8 Go with the seller in the housing office, take the form of 3. This is a note on the number of registered persons in the apartment. Check that there are no persons who have left temporarily: soldiers, prisoners, etc. Upon returning, they may be required to cancel the transaction.
9 Make sure that the apartment was not a subject of litigation. To do this query in the Unified Register of judgments.
10 Must fix the fact of transfer of cash by a notary. Remember that from the meticulous to detail the relationship depends on the success of your purchase. Therefore it is better to measure seven times, than to seek money and time on the litigation with rented apartments scammers.
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