How to avoid becoming a victim of black realtor

12.11.2010 07:50
With the crisis on the rental market has become particularly noticeable increase in the number of private brokers. Some of them are brokers who turned into an independent player after massive reductions during the unstable situation in the country, another part of newcomers, choosing to start their own business in the lucrative market. Is among the privateers unconditional professionals, but are more common crooks. Can we still trust the private brokers or should not communicate with them at all? About it - in an interview with the head of the department rent of elite apartments Penny Lane Realty Vadim Lamin.

- Vadim, tell us how to become a private brokers?

- There are several ways in which people come to the rental market as independent brokers. Depending on the chosen path, I would single out four types of representatives of the profession.

The first group includes people who started work as a stand-alone players still in the early days of professional broker. As a rule, they have extensive knowledge of the lease, can have a quality service, but without the associated services - insurance apartment, legal advice. I note that the cost of their services is high. These brokers turn largely on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances.

The second group consists of people - come from real estate companies. Someone leaves the company, deciding that was enough experience in their field. Someone asked to leave the organization because of lack of professionalism. These brokers offer, usually a minimum list of rental services, but pay for them, take reasonable.

The third type of private brokers - visiting people who have decided that they are able to work without training in this specialty. For customers, it is always the risk of hitting non-professionalism, that is illiterate documentation, basic ignorance of the districts of Moscow, average prices, etc. The cost of such brokers is minimal, but even she does not comply with the proposed services.

Finally, the fourth form - is frank crooks who make it to the deception of customers a variety of schemes - from the banal theft to forgery.

- That is quite impossible to trust the private owners?

- Why? If expert advice is, considerable experience in this area, then you can contact him. But when a customer wants to deal guaranteed without the legal risks, it is better to use the services of a professional company. One indicator of the reliability of real estate agents - the appeal to them corporate clients. No corporation shall not resort to the services of private practitioners to address the housing problems of their employees. In the biggest real estate agencies offer the tenant to take a huge database of surrendering apartments and the landlord - an exclusive housing conditions of its delivery. In addition, these agencies generally provided legal support, and in some companies, as in ours, insurance facilities. For many owners and tenants are important and additional services. We have, for example, there are repair team that is ready for free to help customers in the installation of locks, furniture assembly and other works.

- And yet what methods of cheating used by unscrupulous private brokers?

- Ways of fraud are different. One simply takes a commission for rental and it disappears, change my phone number. There are cases where rent the same apartment to several people. Sometimes it seems to be a tenant enters into the apartment, but the next day he came back, finds a new lock or the present owner, who absolutely do not know what is happening.

A very common type of fraud on the market rental housing is so-called information services, real estate brokers who fraudsters offer potential tenants, not suspecting that they are buying a pig in a poke. The scheme has been successful in largely with the guests of the capital wanting to save the calculation of real estate agency. Customer has to pay the commission services in the amount, usually a small amount (4-5 thousand rubles).. During this unscrupulous broker provides a list of addresses and phone numbers of owners of apartments under the appropriate customer requirements. Chance to live through such a scheme there.

Potential tenants will talk with the landlord directly out of the office and supposedly agree on watching the evening the same day. But as a rule, on the other end of the owner plays the role of a front controller. And when it comes to meeting lzhesobstvennik up with various reasons for its abolition, or simply disappear.

But perhaps one of the most unpleasant ways to fraud - frank deception. People rent their apartments by private owners for a long time. After removing the housing, for example, in the summer, the fraudsters make out a fake power of attorney and quickly assemble a complete package of documents required for the sale of real estate. When the owners returned, they see in their apartment new owners. Such problems can be solved only through a court, but find themselves brokers becomes very difficult because they take the money, change their place of residence and tear possible contacts.

- How not to be cheated? What can you recommend?

- Chief's my advice - go to the well-known real estate agency. Large companies - it's still a guarantee that they will not disappear overnight, as it can easily make a private brokers. If all the same owner or tenant has decided to use the services of an independent broker, try to learn about it as much as possible information, see the recommendations, ask for phone numbers of his former clients, ask them how it worked. If the broker is a former employee of one of the real estate agents, do not be lazy to call back and find out how much a person literate and whether his will has left the company. Also, in a transaction to check the documents - a passport and proof of ownership of an apartment. Never pay a commission forward only on the fact of the transaction. Try not to make large advance payments - for six months or a year in advance. Such a requirement should alert you. Be sure to enclose a lease and before you sign it, carefully read each item. And in general, be vigilant and be aware of possible risks.
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