How to attract good luck?

15.10.2010 07:45
Articles about real estate | How to attract good luck? Is there wealth, money, influence on human happiness? It is unlikely that the role of money in human life is so great, but also underestimate their value would be unnatural. Money makes man free, enough of them allow you to do something that you could not perform without them.

In Feng Shui, there are many means of attracting wealth and abundance. Probably, this question more often than usual worried not only of modern Chinese, but also their ancestors. The Chinese consider it their duty to do everything possible to achieve prosperity for his family, after all the wealth, the welfare of the family - an occasion for pride and the basis for a future happy life of future generations. For many people, wealth - is synonymous with wealth and prosperity of the family.

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Not everyone agrees with this viewpoint. Many believe that happiness - the desire and determination to be happy: it is possible to live in poverty and be happy. However, if you can feel happy, when you have no money for medical care to a sick child or you will be unable to repay the loan for a house and lose the roof over your head?

So, the money is happiness - a moot point. If you possess them will make you happy, make sure you activate the area of wealth of his house, apartment or workplace. To do this, here attract more chi. You can enhance the lighting or hang a crystal mirror-lo, but most of the money "to lure" with objects and images that represent money.

Monetary symbolism in this case acts as a dumb maxim (maxim - it is a moral rule, saying in a form not stack objections sentence, briefly expressed opinion), that is a reminder of the importance of moral rules which you are trying to stick in my life activities.

Every time your eyes fall, for example, "money" tree, an aquarium, in which swim eight gold and one black fish, or a bowl of coins, you will recall that, for the sake of what he is working, for which organized the business. What's in Asia as a symbol of money?

Any living plant with round leaves symbolizes wealth, profit. Such a plant is desirable to acquire and bring into the house as an adult, take good care of him, that leaves no V?li not zhelteli and do not fall, and its development are not suspended. Growth of the plant - a symbol of increasing wealth, falling leaves - a symbol of loss of money, financial setbacks. You grown seedling - a symbol of financial recovery after bankruptcy.

Objects are round, made of metal or painted in gold or silver, attract money luck. Round vase with a few coins can be put into the sector of wealth to your desktop, it will always be in the limelight, once again reiterated the need to care about the welfare of families, distract from the selfish plans.

Chinese coins are used as amulets to help bring into the house of money, wealth and abundance. They hang a red ribbon or silk cord to the wall in the area of wealth bedroom or office, at baby cribs (infant desire a rich life.) If you do not want that, would someone had caught you in the greed, selfishness, asked once again about the meaning and what is the purpose of these coins, then place them where they would be imperceptible to an outsider view. For example, put them under pots, in which there is a pot of "money" tree (a combination of these two characters is especially effective: your well-being will increase as the tree will add to growth).

Someone turns up a few coins in a red cloth or paper and puts in the sector of wealth, but away from prying eyes, for example in the box on your desktop or bedside tables, under the TV, at the bottom of the box with the jewels.

You will attract chi to the area of wealth if it'll be stored there as money or jewelry, any signs of prosperity and abundance. This may be a collection of paintings, banknotes or antique coins (a collection in itself represents a considerable value, and also attracts money in your house), gold or silver service, a gold (silver) medal, received for successful completion of the school or for a victory in sports, painting or embroidery, which depicts nine fish, etc.

Scope of wealth dining room or kitchen decorate the vase with the "golden" fruit - oranges or tangerines. This is also a symbol of money, because these fruits are not only round, but golden-orange color - typically "cash."

An ambitious man who wants to have a lot of money, feng shui provides plenty of opportunities (except those already listed), amplifying the appropriate sector of Bagua. Water flow is associated with a steady flow of Feng Shui with the money. Water has a vital force, it nourishes the land, making it fertile, without it all life would perish on earth.
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