How to advertise your property?

22.10.2010 07:35
Time Crisis of the total reduction in advertising budgets of companies working in real estate, is gradually passing. Advertising real estate has become more efficient through the use of branding and creative component, and also - reputation element - public relations (PR).

Crisis reducing advertising budgets construction and development organizations require not only maximizing the advertising, but also to create more creative ideas, messages and slogans, stronger impact on consumers.

Branding and public relations (PR) have become important tools for real estate marketing.
During the crisis in reduced advertising budgets, builders, developers and realtors are 3-4 times increased the proportion of branding, creative and PR-work. In real estate, with the help of technology branding and naming, creating new companies and projects Brands brands.

Under the conditions of formation of post-crisis economy, many large and medium-sized companies, working in real estate, not just thinking how to name the firm or project, how to create a status and a reliable brand, and spend serious branding work to create a brand name (naming), slogan, logo and corporate identity, brand-book compilation, development and presentation of souvenirs. In order to capitalization and attract investors, they spend rebranding, renaming, and restyling. And branding is not only and not so much to promote the construction and development companies, how many - for the promotion of individual or "umbrella" projects.

Brand for the giant?
Why, for example BSC-1 or SU-155 to change its name?

This is also well-known brands with a reputation and an established partnership. Is that to restyle - a little logo to correct and adjust corporate identity ...

However, even the giants branding and public relations (PR) can help ... for sales of real estate.

Branding Real Estate
Branding and naming of residential complexes and individual homes is already practically a mandatory attribute to promote and stimulate sales of real estate.

If you are selling real estate, branding agency can offer you the naming, branding and brand book - that is the name that will be remembered, the solution for positioning and promotion, different from competitors, and a book that says everything about your brand.

Branding creates an enticing story for the new building, and the old house itself will help give the charm of real estate development company with their own stories and legends. Also, restyling, design and finish will help the real estate to become more attractive.

"Beautiful" brand name for a construction project has not only a significant effect on sales, but also facilitates communication of buyers and sellers. New homes or apartment complexes receive their permanent address at once, and sometimes during the construction of houses renumbered. And if the house will be assigned brand name, the realtors will be safe from these troubles and can without any problems from the very beginning of construction to begin advertising companies on the sale of apartments in it.

Demand for real estate after the crisis is growing gradually, but not as rapidly as in the pre-crisis years, so "beautiful" brand name for the property helps to orient and buyers, and realtors.

"Beautiful," the name of the property serves as an additional incentive to purchase. Residential complexes, "Russian Modernism," "English Quarter" or "Kingston", for example, are implemented more successfully than the "HOLD 42 on 2 nd Street Builders, especially if they have a good PR-support in the media, the Internet and supported by reputation construction or development company.

Under the umbrella of a better ...
According to the marketing department PR2B Group, especially popular are the names of umbrella brands for real estate, when under a single brand sold several real estate - cottage villages or town houses, differing similar characteristics.

For example, the brand network of cottage settlements Smartville (Smartvil), includes several items of property, has already become a landmark and is transferred to all new and new facilities.

How beautiful sounds brand concept - "..." Smart "translated to English means" smart, savvy, intelligent, reasonable, effective ". Smart-class implies a reasonable and economical approach to all aspects of suburban life. Smartville in an ideology based on the principle European rationalism - all for comfort, but nothing more. The project includes an optimized infrastructure, rational and thoughtful architecture and operating economy.

Housing estates "Smartville": tech, but comfortable, stylish and modern but cost-effective, organized, but the individual is not burdened with excess infrastructure, but have everything you need, with every detail thought out, stylish and comfortable. They are designed for those who appreciate the charm of country living, but knows the value of money and is not ready to go to unnecessary risks. "Nice, huh? And economically, is not it?

Promotion of umbrella brands, accompanied by original concepts and affirm iconic consumer features, notably saving the advertising budgets of property owners.

The real estate market already requires ...
Branding and public relations (PR) have become important tools for commercial real estate.

The situation on the real estate market contributes to its improvement and makes the enterprise sector to be increasingly sophisticated in the methods of their projects.

If in the past developers could afford to be conservative, it is now absolutely any company that operates in this sector are actively trying to lure customers from its competitors, and uses original ideas and the latest technology branding, advertising and public relations.

Increased competition, in turn, helps to stimulate the development and improvement of new and creative marketing techniques.

Strategic Development Department development companies, together with creative studios and branding agency, to create advertising and PR-campaigns with creative ideas and strategies. Post-crisis fighting for consumers forced to increase the share of real estate branding aimed at strengthening the reputation of the industry.

What does the reputation ...
Karma (English reputation) - historically the public opinion about the brand, company or person, the so-called "social evaluation". Among other things, in business it's reputation is a fundamental principle DECISION.

Typically, a reputation is formed spontaneously, and usually manage this process has less to do with the creation and control, and profiling.

Features of reputation management are in continuous two-way interaction between brand, company or person and the target audience, which needs constantly updated evidence of a positive image as well - respected the opinions and interpretations.

Reputation management is based on an integrated program and is under the auspices of experienced public relations and brand managers. Effective strategy for reputation management involves the orderly existence of missions, communications and information nuclei, revealing values, ethical standards and principles relevant to the needs and the needs, fears and concerns of audiences and key contacts, particularly - opinion leaders.

In the promotion of real estate are actively involved reputational attributes of brands, creative solutions and trusting relationship.

Where can I get an investor?
Special attention of the PR-directions should be paid to the Investment Relations - Investor Relations and Government Relations - government relations.

Large and many medium-sized development companies enhanced to work with major investors and government agencies. In particular - have an impact on federal and regional financial flows.

Hence - a special interest in creative and at the same time - corporate design annual reports and presentation products, as well as reputational-media public relations (PR), in particular, - IR - Investor Relations and GR - Relations gosudarstvennysm structures.

Of particular importance to commercial real estate is a creative PR, PR nemediyny - word of mouth (as "banal" rumors and professional expert opinion and interpretation) and Internet-PR

Just a simple advertising?
Any advertising campaign consists of two interconnected blocks - a creative (creative) advertising and its placement on the various advertising mediums.

Advertising concept provides the customer an original approach to the advertised item. This may be a representation of a completely unexpected aspect of the advertised company or brand. Advertising concept attracts attention, is a commercial idea and trademark and is the basis for the production of specific ads - video clips, TV, print media, and even the whole campaign.

For example, the phrase SLOGAN development project "Red October" offices with views of the Kremlin ", having" double meaning ", attracts attention and promotes sales.

Creativity is valuable only if it helps sell. Even the most original ideas, strategies, divinely beautiful designs will be useless if they do not correspond to market conditions and psychographic characteristics of the target audience.
And, conversely, an advertising creative, the most complete, emotionally and / or convincing drifting advertising message to the consumer saves money for ad placement.

Advertising that works
Advertisement used to promote real estate, construction, real estate development and real estate organizations in the post-crisis period have undergone significant changes.

According to the marketing department PR2B Group, the most effective medium for advertising real estate are television, Internet and outdoor advertising, the cost of thousands of contacts from them is minimal.

Let's see telly?
Television, like real estate advertisement, using not only the biggest industry players, despite the fact that it has a relatively high cost limits the effectiveness.

With low number of impressions, television advertising is not justified. To accept the message, the client should see him at least six times. As a general rule, if spending less than $ 500,000 a month on television advertising, its impact enough for making customers solutions.

But the fashion moment of the company's presence on television certainly has value. Reputation in real estate is of great importance. Therefore, television commercials, along with other means of advertising, use and medium-sized firms. However, PR-Technologies Media Relations - Relations with the media, allow for the permanent presence of both the company and its iconic people on TV channels and in other media.

Outdoor advertising works on the local community
Outdoor advertising has a point impact on the local community, a priori, which is a potential clientele of Realtors.

To advertise real estate are used primarily Banners, located in close proximity to objects, as well as - in the most traversed highways.

Most of the target audience of advertising campaigns using banner-necks - are people with middle and high incomes, traveling in cars. Therefore, among the customers of the advertising is dominated by brands, financial institutions, and, of course - an organization working in real estate.

The ideal waist is not overloaded with information. The main target audience is considering constriction in the movement. Therefore the main task advertiser - to catch the eye. " You can "spot color". Can be discordant. Can be different format fonts. Possible slogan. Can - custom design (yes, already appeared Banners custom design with backlit). Better - a combination of all components.

The most common format billboards - 3x6.

On their shields 3x6 collected extensive statistics, in many cities there are data bases of control of free, reserved, and employment boards. Using these databases, facilitate the generation of massive advertising campaigns to promote networking realtor firms, large construction and development companies offering independent real estate sales.

But, for the sale of luxury homes, more efficient large-format billboards, up to the great firewall and supersaytov that not only better visible, but its format and also claim advertised on status of the object.
City signs.

One of the most inexpensive and effective means of outdoor advertising is advertising on city signs. She was particularly fond of using office real estate companies.

Advertising on city signs refers to the type of advertising, from which it is impossible to refuse. Because pointers - part of the urban orientation. Focusing on finding the right information leads to memorization and advertising message.
In addition, this type of promotion very inexpensive for the advertiser, inexpensive and effective. Effectiveness is not only that such advertising can not be avoided.

First, the neighborhood with useful information (street name or house number) gives additional credibility advertising messages and calls to him more confidence. Secondly, in the advertising field of urban indicators can not only advertise, but also show the direction of motion. Third, it is not aggressive hype it - advertising the status of dignity. And read by the thesis: "... We - here, we just care about the convenience of our customers ...".
In addition, low cost signs allows small attachments to conduct an extensive and effective campaign. The average duration of advertising on signs - 2 years minimum - 1 year. In Moscow, for example, the cost of manufacturing and advertising on the pointer field depends on its size, maturity, ranging from $ 2000 up to 7000 ... a year.

Dumping almost all print media, coupled with changes in priorities, target audiences, led to a marked increase in modular advertising in the press, particularly in business magazines and specialized publications (Real Estate and prices, index magazines, etc.)

Become popular and public relations elements of reputation in the media, when the iconic persona companies act as industry experts and provide detailed interview, expressing expert opinion or interpret the events industry.

Internet - no problem!
All construction, developers and real estate companies are actively using or trying to use the Internet. It should be noted that for the promotion of real estate used actively optimizing websites in search engines, PPC and banner advertising on the Internet.

Under the sale of individual properties are selling sites with built-in SEO and branding elements (eg, - projects Apartment in Istra or apartment in Podolsk These sites provide a direct sale of real estate to the community.

To a lesser extent rieltorkie construction and development companies use the increasing reputation of Internet technology-PR and viral marketinga.

Small cost - high impact
One of the most cost-effective and efficient technologies for advancing the Internet - a project-trap "puppets."

This is a PR-event using the technology of Internet forums, professional and social networks.

Virtual legendirovanny character "puppet" of socio-demographic profile corresponding to the target audience, introduces the professional community, Facts, Issues, Opinions, interpretations, problem solving, etc., profitable company, and most importantly - directly entices potential customers to purchase Real Estate Company, on behalf of third parties not connected with the Company.

The puppets are actively involved in professional societies, discuss, initiate discussion is needed for the Company's professional information, rumors and interpretations. By controlling the puppets, the Company manages the professional opinion of himself in the managerial community.

Interesting for its efficiency and cost-effective and viral marketing project - "Videoataka.

"Videoataka" - PR-project aimed at improving the efficiency of queries in search engines, targeting users of search engines at the Company promoted. All target audiences in acquiring real estate is used for making search engines.

First the shot, or reformatting the format of YouTube, RUTube etc. ready video footage on the company, its technology, techniques and uniqueness. Video clips can be different - from visiting the iconic figures (eg ... Russian President Dmitry Medvedev) of real estate to gay cartoon movies in 3D-graphics.

Video clips are supplied with headlines, descriptions and keywords and posted on YouTube, RUTube, etc. To increase the coverage of the target audience, the videos link puppets.

As a result, if you ask for given keywords video companies will emerge in the field of video and maintain information materials, contextual advertising and site optimization ...

To the cost of reputation in PR on the Internet can be compared only impact on the local community advertising on porches of houses and at public transport stops, but for real estate sales of their use is rarely in vain belief that these means of advertising does not correspond to the target audience. For example, targeted advertising programs at the entrances of apartment houses can be ranked on the new developments, luxury homes, middle-class homes and economy-class ...

As an additional means of advertising real estate used escalator panels at the exits to the metro real estate or nearby transportation hubs. Sticker application in subway cars and audio ads in the subway used to promote the group of real estate or reputational campaign building or real estate development firm.

In the regions to promote real estate advertising is often used on stickers in cars of trains, especially - improved comfort. And in high-speed trains, "Peregrine Falcon" - and even layout of presentation materials and video clips.

Promotion of Moscow, resort and real estate abroad especially passes in-flight magazines of airlines and the use of indoor-advertising in the VIP-areas of airports. Advertising real estate is located, even in transport trucks. It promotes the assimilation of advertising effect of the forced "information famine", which is characteristic of the situation out.


To promote the real estate is also used Multi-format billboards, and on-board advertising on taxis and ... a lot of other effective means of advertising.

Given the confidential nature of the relationship in real estate, we can predict the rapid development of creative marketing techniques, aimed at both immediate sales and to strengthen the reputation of firms, and - public relations and branding building, developer and real estate companies.

Vladimir Zhuravel
President, CEO, PR2B Group

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