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01.10.2010 09:00
Articles about real estate | How to advertise cottage Head of suburban real estate portal Victor Kovalenko believes that each cottage area need advertising. "For it is by the presence of a small town in the information field, the potential buyer makes a conclusion on the financial position of the developer or builder. If you have money on advertising, it means there is selling means of communication and will be neighbors. This is fashion aspect. To show off their unprecedented discounts and Hire purchase, advertising is also needed - a commodity-price type of advertising. The success of the cottage consists of an optimal balance between price and quality of facilities and balanced PR-campaign. Every developer has his pets and his rogue. Some places emphasis on the Internet, who something in print, some prefer outdoor advertising. The question of taste, objectives, budget and outcome. "

If we talk about the prints, their range is not so wide. To mark its presence in the market, it is desirable to be placed in the magazines "World of houses" and "Countryside". It is also usually placed in the newspaper Avizo "and" Fotonedvizhimost.

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Advertising in the media - is the best way to mark its presence in the market, and almost mandatory for any (particularly new, especially the elite) cottage. The results of advertising in different media: in some advertising works, in others - not.
When the advertising campaign "on the brakes, and the press wants to attend, in view of cheapness are placed in advertisements in the newspaper Avizo.

The gradual withering away of the print media and the overflow of advertising budgets to the Internet is not spared, and suburban real estate market. Paper carriers come on the heels of Representatives Internet space. One of them is a specialized portal suburban real estate cottage villages, buildings in the suburbs, the secondary market country real estate, social networking, contextual advertising, promotion in search engines. Advertise on them many times cheaper, but the effect is often greater than paper counterparts. portal was created to advertise cottage villages in Ukraine. "Here the advertiser has a lot of free services, such as participation in the ranking of cottage townships: you need to do both qualitatively and responsibly to complete three-dimensional shape, and the machine automatically after assigning points will put the town a certain number of points. Interventions in this process from the outside and inside there, so potential buyers will see the real objective assessment of the town and the best will get the top-10.
Visitors to the portal can leave a voice in the ranking of the popular vote for a particular object. Following a vote, your town will get the top-10 ", - said Victor Koovalenko.
More Victor Kovalenko added: "If in the town are promotional offers, you can place them charge at the main portal page. There is a possibility of placement and hot offers on the main page.

The success of the placement on the Internet is determined by the CTR, equal to the ratio to display a banner to the number of clicks on it, multiplied by 100. Measured in percentage. Decent results CTR can be considered as 1%, that is, every hundredth visitor clicks. But we should not balk at this result and forget about the image component and a beautiful large banner at the visited site.

Most of the cottage towns have their own site, meet, as they say, on clothes. If the developer or builder did not have enough money to create good pages on the Internet, in this case, best not to abandon the acquisition of his property. Most sites provided quite comprehensive information (that does not mean that true). The number of segments, the general plan, location, infrastructure, contacts and more. But often, you notice that not enough for one small, but nice stuff - photos of the village. This applies particularly to projects that implement parts of a contract. In such cases, the sites are filled with images of cozy cottages, forest lakes, turbulent rivers, dense forests, sunny beaches and other advantages of the life of the countryside, but no relation to the settlement itself does not have, and elementary downloaded from the Internet. Intended, apparently, these colorful images once again reminded about how to live well in nature. Comes to the point of absurdity - the same photos of "settlements" on two different sites. Projects are implemented without a land contract on this occasion strongly complex, boldly laying out vast expanses of photographs, which apparently has not yet been called in wheel technology. Of course, not without exceptions, who have something to show - they always show.

After you create a page on the Internet needs to be done so that it went potential customers. Many sites cottage towns have resorted to optimizing for search queries. Search Engine Optimization - is a set of measures, which would push the target site position on request, in this case, queries such as "cottage", "buy land", "buy a house in the cottage," etc. The greatest success in this field have "Park House", "Zoloche", "Our Mistechko", "Cherry Mistechko", "Severynivka", "Maetok. On the basic needs of these sites are usually located in the top ten To achieve such results need to spend quite a lot. The amount and terms vary depending on the popularity Promoted queries. This way you can get the number of visitors to the site, which is comparable with banner advertising. The vast majority of the companies mentioned in the article has employed the services of search engine optimizers, and it's paying off.

A high CTR can provide contextual advertising on search engines is when ads are shown based on search queries. At the time of writing to this type of advertising have resorted cottage villages "Borovik", "Sun Valley", "Yasnі Zorі", "Our Mistechko", "Ivankov," "The Sunbeam." Their ads, you can see on the right of search results. In fact, this way saving time (but not money) on the possibility of the presence on the front page display the results in search engines. Cost per click ranges from $ 1 to $ 3, you only pay for ads convert on your site. This method is convenient for a quick advertising shares, discounts, or a separate object, which urgently need to sell when there is no time to wait for site indexing.

In the trendy social networking developers cottage towns do not hurry up, apparently fearing a public feedback, criticism from customers, and sometimes from competitors under the guise of customers. Basically, a group created by the people themselves, and usually unhappy. Shoppers unite against a common enemy in the face of hard-core developer. In such groups interested in reading the discussion and look through photo albums of fuzzy roads, bald lawns, flooded basements, collapsed roofs and other parts of the attributes of suburban life.

Another channel to deliver information to the end customer is outdoor advertising in the city and on highways. Very little cottage towns enjoy this kind of advertising, because it is expensive.
Some towns putting a shield near the road indicating the location and schitatyut that on this mission they have accomplished.

If we talk about stocks, the most active in this field of activity is the cottage towns "Greenwood", "Borovik, New Bogdanovka.

As a result of actions to achieve high results in various fields, such as: an increase in incoming traffic, an increase in the level of contracting, increase brand awareness.
On the advertising policy in the cottage "Maetok" said Head of Marketing Group of Companies Maetok Natalia Bashinskaya:
"The peculiarity of our advertising policy is that we are trying to attract that segment of the audience who is willing to buy, interacting with them through specialized online and print publications, as it reduces the period of conditioning and action. Osnyu spring and we are in the cottage prazniki "Spring in" Maetke "and" Autumn "Maetke", which invites potential pokupateley.Esli talk about the essence of our advertising messages, then, in view of the paramount purposes of increased sales, we often resort to branding, and This trying to make our ads interesting and creative. "Oksana also noted that" for us the most effective channels such as specialized Web portals. We have a displacement (by volume) of advertisements in print media to online media. In addition, we always put the emphasis on participation in spetsializorovannyh PR-promotion and PR-promotion, participation in specialized exhibitions and competitions. "

Most active on the Internet advertised "Sun Valley", "Our Mistechko", "Maetok. However, these settlements is completely absent in the press. A similar strategy in most towns.

All in all the advertising field there are about 20 cottage towns, it's about a quarter of the total number of projects, which is officially being sold.
Now the number of advertisers, online and printed publications are almost equal, but to the budgets of seals Internet is still very far away.

Summarizing, we can say that the cottage villages gradually give up the lush image advertising, in favor of a more restrained and informative. The decisive factor is sales discounts and installment payment, respectively, and contain such information, many advertising platforms. Good suggestion his client will, even if small, but focused on the costs of advertising, there remains only a good suggestion form.
Victor Kovalenko
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