How to activate your luck in a career in Feng Shui

23.10.2010 19:30
Articles about real estate | How to activate your luck in a career in Feng Shui If you have serious ambitions, and want to make a career and move up the career ladder or simply want to find good, suitable jobs, Feng Shui will help you support your ambitions. There are various "medicines" Feng Shui to help you activate good luck in your career or increase your luck in revenue. As a rule, successful in his career seen in feng shui in the form of opportunities offered to you through Feng Shui. And of course, only depends on you, use them or not!
Once you have more opportunities on the career field, you should be ready for what will become a busy man. It is very important to understand what otherwise appeared suddenly, opportunities will only act on your nerves. If you like your job, you are enthusiastic and want to move forward in your career, you certainly will derive great benefit by enabling their luck in your career. Your work will pay dividends, and your potential to finally be noticed and appreciated the parent.

So rely on the wisdom of Feng Shui! According to Feng Shui, NORTH of your home or office or any other residential building - a zone of a career. To activate a career with the help of Feng Shui Feng Shui methods should be used to "charge" the northern area of energy, both at home and at work.

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However, remember that when you activate the zone's career at home in any case do not do it in the bedroom. Put the effort in the activation of the northern zone of your living room.

Again, if in the northern zone of your house or apartment is a toilet, it is very unfavorable for the inhabitants of such a career, an apartment or a house. If possible, move the toilet to another location. If not - place where a large rock to crush bad energy in the toilet.

One of the most effective ways to activate good luck in his career - is to put a small aquarium guppies at the north wall or in a corner in the living room and office. The aquarium should be a maximum of 60 cm in length. , You can create exactly the guppy, because these small fish have strong gorgeous fins. Of course, it could be other fish, but they must be mobile, active, so you want to have fun watching what power lies in their movements.

On the other hand, you can also knead turtles in the northern corner of your home. The turtle is considered one of the most powerful symbols of good luck according to the teachings of Feng Shui. It is best to put the terrapin in a tank in the northern corner of your home or office. Turtle is not only a symbol of good luck, but also a defender. The more active will be your turtle, the more activated your luck in his career.

However, by posting in your apartment any object with water, should take into account the entire layout of apartments or houses, as well as your own number gua.

In addition, you can also use the music of wind chimes, to increase success in their careers. This is especially beneficial for people who have their own business. In this case, metal bells should be hung in a westerly direction. A hanging eight metal bells, twigs in the southeast, you agree to attract prosperity at home and at work.
Each time, using the music of wind, it is important to consider and choose the right direction and the number of twigs.
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