How the crisis affected the market for suburban property?

18.11.2010 13:52
How the crisis affected the market for suburban property? The crisis has seriously affected the country real estate market: most of the buyers refused to purchase highly overrated by the owners of cottages and townhouses, many of whom were also unfinished, and shifted to more economical options - sites without a contract. Today, developers are hoping for a recovery of demand. However, it can count only those who could redlozhit quality homes at reasonable prices

In 2008, many companies have been forced to freeze their projects, primarily associated with large investments. A significant part of such projects altogether changed owners and went to banking institutions, which took a wait and not having enough real estate development experience, not in a hurry with sales.

- The result of all this has led to a sharp reduction in supply in the sector of high-quality organized cottage communities with a common vision of building. At the same time on the suburban real estate market buyers were interested in acquiring high-quality home is in an organized township, with a specific set of services and with a clear deadline for completion of construction, - said Giorgi Sidelnikov, head of sales department of the Moscow representative office of Ross Raquin St. Petersburg, the exclusive distributor Concern HONKA in Russia.

Demand recovers
After leaving Moscow on New Riga, the most popular destination among both sellers and buyers of suburban housing, it is impossible not to notice dozens of settlements, construction of life frozen in late 2008. Within two years they did not appear in either technology or people, and concrete structures all the while exposed to frost in winter and heat in the summer.

- Even the iron was thrown to the ground, rust, not to mention the unfinished houses. Many villages have to demolish and rebuild again, - said Vladimir Kolesov, builder of the suburbs, who works in one of the new settlements.

But the crisis is coming to an end, and the fate of the little village will soon be determined. Some people today are successfully sold, while others boast a demand from the buyers can not. However, developers radiate optimism.

- Yes, after the crisis is felt excitement in the segment of the country real estate, especially the failed August, when the smog from the fires and wanted to flee from Moscow to anywhere in the river, - said deputy general director of "IR MGSN Elena Maksimenkova-Tikhonov.

- A lot of hits, a lot of deals - triggered pent-up demand. It happens that the sellers raise the price and after negotiations, and often the buyer agrees to this, that during the crisis was just incredible. And one more observation: the market return buyers who purchase property with the investment objectives, - the company said Tweed.

Developers and realtors expect even greater sales activity in coming months.

- Two years after the financial crisis, suburban real estate market begins to recover. Autumn market is waiting for further activation, sales will grow - says Alexander Rykov, Director of Marketing Department of suburban real estate company Penny Lane Realty.

- A kind of indicator can serve the demand for quality home premium segment. If, before the crisis, we received orders for five to ten such projects per year, the crisis is the number dwindled to one or two. Over the past two years, not only developers, but many customers have taken a wait due to the vague level of financial stability in the country. Currently, the situation changes, the demand for similar projects began to grow again, "- said Giorgi Sidelnikov.

The increased buying activity particularly evident in those villages, where developers have found the money for completion.

- Developer of township Greenfield invest all own funds in the completion and the result already in 2009 he was commissioned, and by the spring of this year, purchasing activity back to pre-crisis levels, about 20-25 sales per month - explains one of the developers .

Guarantee speedy completion - second only to the requirement of reasonable prices for consumers today. And not just with buyers.

- Case in point: our village townhouses "Little Scotland" - 14-km Leningradki - received the award for best village economy class. Sitting in the jury realtors and other figures from the real estate is credited with the project not only and not just a concept, but the fact that the village has been built up to 50%, while its rivals in the contest were for the most part until the paper project - note the company " Incom.

The concept of 'plots without a contract, "and today remains one of the most popular on the market. And in a crisis, and now they show tremendous sales, primarily due to the relative cheapness of a single object. For example, in the village Novorizhsky (23 km from Moscow), even in crisis sold 50-60 sites per month.

- Land at a distance from the city were worth before the crisis every three or four more. When the fashion for plots without a contract a few slept, sales in the same Novorizhskoye remained at the highest level, because there is active construction of roads and communication - explained in Inkom. - Offers plots without a contract rarely only on the immediate outskirts of Moscow, about a radius of 15-20 km from Moscow. In more remote areas of the plots without a contract essentially dominate the rest of the sentence. At the same time, there is a shortage of finished housing for quality hassle-free settlements.

According to Alexander Rykov, in rare cases, the buyer acquires bare land as a place to put their architectural fantasies. Basically it is an attempt to save money, and in most cases not very successful. Experts believe plots without a contract is not the best option for buyers, despite the attractive price conditions.

- Experience has shown that compliance with the terms of construction and unified architectural and planning concepts of the village should not wait. After all, customers, acquiring land, pursuing very different objectives: one was planning to build a house and live in the village, for others it is purely an investment tool, and the site will be resold. All this delays the delivery dates of the village, landscaping and so on - said Giorgi Sidelnikov.

Those who are not ready to invest in the bare earth, often considered the option of buying the finished housing, mostly in the secondary market. Nobody wants to wait until his house is completed, or by purchasing a plot to get involved in the decision to recurring problems during construction.

Favorites are all the same
For buyers of suburban housing one of the factors influencing the choice of home is the direction. "It must be developed and rehabilitated for life, have good transport accessibility and should lead to the main business district of Moscow. While none of the lines can not draw on these parameters competition Rublevskoe highway ", - says most analysts.

However, according to George Sidelnikova, Rublevo-Uspenskoe gradually losing popularity, and the vector of demand has shifted to New Riga and Kiev highway. The explanation for this is simple. On the transport component is now the most prosperous highway. Kiev area after the reconstruction is considered the fastest of all the suburban lines. Promising as the Minsk and the Kaluga road.

- Interest in the latter woke up recently: it is expected that the toll road from Molodogvardiis'ka street relieve the Minsk highway, which will improve transport accessibility - explain the company Tweed.

Time Buyer
Today, more than 70% of buyers making deals for themselves - to live in a country house in the summer, the remaining 30% buy housing in the suburbs, to earn money for surrender of its lease. "At the moment there are several criteria for selecting the developer of suburban housing. The main course, the reliability of the developer, no less important and the overall architectural style of the village "- say developers.

At the same time attractive in terms of price and quality of objects can be found both in the immediate vicinity of Moscow, and at a considerable distance from it. For example, the village "Rublevo residence is located only a kilometer away from Moscow by Novorizhskoe highway.

- It combines all the advantages of an apartment in the city and suburban housing pros: huge meters of living space, infrastructure, privacy and seclusion local area in conjunction with the protected area, each house provides patio area and outdoor terrace overlooking the pine forest or bay, - says Elena Maksimenkova-Tikhonov of MGSN.

When choosing a place to stay, consumers are increasingly paying attention to style and materials, experts stress. Village "Rublevo residence" in this regard is unique. He has done in the style of eco-tech - a kind of fusion of classic hi-tech and environmental aesthetics. Particular attention is paid to architects distribution daylight and sunlight: each residence has a sundeck, large windows and a glass atrium in the center, and even with respect to each other's homes located in the light illumination on the sides of the world.

For the money, equal to the value of apartments in the capital city, suburban real estate buyers get more comfortable and convenient accommodation: the area of the city instead of "a hundred squares will be more than 300 square meters. m. In this case, they will live in nature, but in the immediate vicinity of the metropolis.

High-quality home can be purchased and a few dozen kilometers from Moscow. For example, a gated development HONKA № 1 is located 43 km from the city, close to the Istra reservoir. Houses are built of pine. At this point in the village entirely built 15 of the 25 houses, all communications, is landscaping, tree planting. This and other quality projects are characterized by a unique location, competent real estate development concept, with modern construction technologies.

"Clearly, the change in financial situation in the country was reflected in the structure of demand. The analysis of consumer preferences of potential customers showed that the vector of demand has shifted to a smaller area homes "- believe the developers.

Today the market is waiting for quality affordable housing, which is still mostly unavailable. The format of these projects seem to be very simple and clear: to make small and cheap-furnished house in the village with the normal roads and sidewalks, lighting, children's playgrounds. But according to experts, despite the simplicity of the formula to achieve this very difficult. Interfere with the high cost of land and communication, poor organization of work, poor training of builders and developers and persistent focus on the latter's house, not the common space of the village and way of life.

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