How pets influence on energy at home

18.11.2010 12:10
<em>Any living creature in our house not only makes us good, not only pleases the eye and soul, but also a source of additional active energy, which brings them into our lives and in the surrounding area. And not every animal has a positive impact on the energy of our home.</em><br />Some animals are able to give us their energy and save from weakness, when we have a breakdown or depression. Others take some negative energy - and this, too, save us from the serious condition. For example, a cat. She comes to the rescue when we are bad, removes negative energy and returns our body strength and health. You've noticed that, if long iron lying on the lap cat, gradually passing a headache? This cat took a surplus of negative energy, which causes severe migraine attack.<br />Cat constantly keeps order in the house, looking for where the bad, where you need to clear space and one of the family members should be supported. Cats see well ghosts, great feel magnetic fields and vibrations of the earth. So no doubt the cat - beautiful psychics. The cat can perfectly cope with the beings from the astral world and protect his master from negative energy. You can not hurt or punish the cats for no reason. But once a reservation - the cat in the apartment must be one. If you keep two cats, no astral energy and protection from, do not expect they will be occupied only with each other.<br /><br />The dog, by contrast, does not eliminate negative energy, and with an excess of sharing his positive. You do not just amazed, looking at how much time your dog can be worn on the street? As if it wound up a powerful motor, like a dog does not feel tired. Dogs are so arranged that they should dump their energy, or they simply burst with its fullness. That is why they are willing to so generously share with us, splashing us with his love, joy, devotion, and part of the energy they produce. Dogs - the eternal batteries, they are able to give and give, without feeling this discomfort.<br />The dog must guard the house from intruders, it is better to sleep in the hallway or the kitchen, then it will not affect the power of the person. In the same bed with the dog a rest does not work, because even in a dream dog will share its active energy.<br /><br />And the cat and dog have long settled in our homes. And they are very well fit into the power of human habitation. If you live in an energy-poor environment, then please create a dog: your tone immediately increase, and it's easier to fight with the wrong layout and radiation are harmful to our energies. And if the energy situation in your home requires more than increasing the flow of energy, and adjustments to the current geomagnetic radiation, get a cat. It will be on the negative zone and neutralize them.<br />If we talk about the combination, the cats and dogs can get along well with each other and in the energy, and in the physical sense, more importantly, to the territory of these animals were separated.<br /><br />Birds are the generators of the information field. If you do not have enough information and you live in solitude, the bird will provide you with great service. In today's vast information flow crank birds very carefully, especially if a family has children. Communicating with birds leads to stupidity, talkativeness, disobedience, and excessive pride. Energetically birds do not get along with any cats or dogs. And not only that the cats will hunt birds. Birds are capable of damaging energy security, posed by these animals.<br />If you still want to have a bird to mitigate his surly disposition, then let it be singing forest bird, not an exotic parrot or toucan. Jays, robins, titmouse - all songbirds, which have long learned how to propagate and maintain in captivity. Let your bird will be small, nimble, active, and in addition (and this is a must) - it should quaver. It is capable of singing birds softly and gently to influence and facilitate your heavy power.<br /><br />Excellent means of harmonization of space serve fish. They create a harmonious atmosphere in the room, feed power of the person, soothe and normalize the internal state. With regard to rodents, it is better to them in an apartment does not hold, because they inhibit the spiritual and material growth of their hosts, pushing their only occupation of the household. Another thing the representative of amphibians - a turtle. It will create peace, comfort, and fill your home with an energy of wisdom and a steady movement forward. The Tortoise and the fish perfectly complement each other and get along well together, bringing harmony to their masters.<br /><br />Take the choice of four-legged pet very seriously. It is desirable that the animal you gave, or gave way for a nominal fee, then it must take root. When typing an animal into your home, you know - it's the rest of his life. Now it's your family member. And all his mistakes and win now - it's your mistakes and your victories.<br /><a href=""></a><br /><br />
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