How not to overpay for the land twice

19.09.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | How not to overpay for the land twice If you buy a building and then also separately pay for the land on which it is located - do not do it.

Such a division - is artificial. By law, buying a building, the person receives the right to land. Separately to establish the market value without regard to location impossible. However, it has already been included in the price of real estate, wrote UBR.

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"The Land Code clearly written that the land goes to the building. The owner of a building or facility is located on the land gets the full rights associated with this building. If I owned this building and the building was assumed to land, I buy the building automatically. And no one except me has no right. Only if I refuse. Well, for example, I refuse to unnecessary areas: I will sit on the building by helicopter.

So I approaches, entrances to the building are not needed. And from these plots of land, which made the approaches and entrances, refuse them. I fly only by helicopter. If not, then the area required for the maintenance of this building, it is mine and no one else has the right to submit to it any claims, "- says expert Alexander Potimkov.

Therefore, if the purchase buildings require full pay for the land, will have to significantly overpay.

"Not quite double, because the cost of the building have the right to use land and there is something else, say, the market component. But then if I am forced to buy land at full value, it is clear that about half or two thirds of the value of this land plot I've already paid for when buying an object "- explains the expert Alexander Potimkov

In the case of privatization of flats suitable plot of land transferred to the charge or provide for the use of co-owners association.
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