How not to lose a customer when selling suburban real estate

29.06.2011 15:15
Articles about real estate | How not to lose a customer when selling suburban real estate Very often the sellers of country real estate admit serious errors that prevent a smooth and quick to make a deal, if not lead to its breakdown. Experts Consulting Company RealEkspo "pay attention to the five most common mistakes.

1. Non-market price of the object

Typically, sellers, especially when it comes to real estate, much time is spent on understanding the real value of their property. "One in three confident that his property has been the most unique, the second such no home, - the director of" RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko. - Of course, I understand that the person can become attached to personal belongings, especially if their establishment invested time and effort, but it strongly interferes with an adequate evaluation. Overpriced significantly delays the process of selling. "

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Fairly common case where six months, or even a year overpriced house is not for sale. All this time the owner realizes the true value of the property, because for the first time he had this figure simply does not hear. Nothing in it is not critical, nevertheless delay the deal means the freezing of capital, which could be in the back and bring some income.

2. Lack of presentation

Unpresentable view of the object makes it difficult to implement it. Most sellers do not realize why spend presale car is considered to be natural, and real estate - much more expensive property - no. "Impregnated with Indian spices, living room, staircase or Trickle uncleared snow from the yard strikes not only at the price tag, but also to speed the implementation of the house, - said Victor Kovalenko. - A relatively small investment in repairs, estimated at $ 5-10 thousand, will sell the house faster and cheaper. Although we should not forget that the property is no such flaw, which would not offset by lower prices. "

3. Without fanaticism

Deciding on cosmetic repairs, the main thing - do not get carried away and turn it into capital. Many owners believe that a fundamental repair increases the cost of a cottage by 20-30%. However, according to experts' RealEkspo "is deeply misleading. "Before the crisis against the backdrop of a significant price increase, many owners are sincerely believed that appreciation of their homes - the result carried out major repairs. - But it's not. Growth is provided mainly through the heated market. Today, when the active price increase does not occur, one must understand that not every finish increases the value of the house. "

4. The presence at the show

Often show becomes psychologically difficult test for the seller. Especially in cases where people had built with love and grew roots in the house, and now forced to sell it. "We encourage our clients not to attend the procedure - says Victor Kovalenko. - Ambiguous statements of the potential buyer, which is located in a choice situation and does not skimp on the definition, could have sounded offensive to the host and lead to rupture of the transaction. If you have any questions during the show the specific nature of realtor in any case be able to ask the owner by telephone. "

5. Cheating customers

Often the seller hides some information. Hide not only mortgages, debts and credits, and even wives. "Do not forget that the buyer is not a lawyer less experienced. Almost always the concealment of information leads to their detection and, consequently, the rupture of relations. Do not forget that many of the seemingly "dark" issues can be resolved amicably deal "- reminds Victor Kovalenko.

Initial information received by the buyer, the owner should not differ from those provided in the future. Any discrepancies with respect to area homes, the number of kilowatts, septic properties, the values ??of public utilities give rise to suspicions later. Do not forget that the problem of seller and buyer, several of them. Problem of the first - quickly sell the house, the second - to find the best deal on the market.

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