How not to get hooked schemers

23.01.2011 21:32
Art. 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine "Fraud is committed in an especially large scale or organized group" shall be punished with imprisonment from 5 to 12 years with confiscation of property.

In this article I want to continue the theme of fraud. Constant fraud in real estate make us be more careful when buying and selling homes.

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I want to tell you about one event that recently happened in the Zhytomyr region with participation of the so-called "black brokers" who act not only in Zhitomir, but all over Ukraine.

Woman after her divorce from her husband was alone in her arms a child, without having the material assistance, but living in a comfortable apartment, which today is not small money. The only drawback was addicted to alcohol, which has been skillfully used by crooks. One of them vtersya in her confidence, became the so-called friend of the family, for what would eventually take full control of the woman and persuaded her to sell the only valuable property - an apartment.

"Brokers" brought buyers who agreed to buy her apartment, because the price was very low. Future tenants are not interested in the situation, they were interested, above all, the price of the object and whether all documents are in order.

Scams do not care what will happen to her child and in what conditions they will live in the future, questions of conscience for them to remain in last place or not at all. Accordingly, they found a replacement in a remote village far away from Zhitomir and begun to implement steps to a sale.

Mom is not particularly interested in the fate of her child, as she always was in a state of alcoholic dope and under the influence of her newfound "friend." Without delay to the relevant documents in all instances, and then the notary, she did not even thought about the consequences.

Only after several months when the alcoholic fog lifted, she began to realize the tragedy happened. But the tears of sorrow will not help. One, in a remote village, without any special amenities and with a baby - this is the result of irresponsibility. It is clear that to return the apartment is extremely difficult, all legal procedures related to the sale-purchase of housing, have been performed correctly.

Just where is the rest of the money? They settled in the pockets of crooks. That's just such a lot of crooks who take this ignorance, naivete of people fraudulently seize their property for profit.

I would like to recommend zhitomiryanam, accessed only in a real estate agency for buying and selling of their homes.
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