How not to fall into the trap of dishonest realtors

27.03.2011 11:57
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Types of fraud

Today continues this type of fraud as renting or selling property to several buyers and forgery of legal documents. In the wake of financial crisis, according to the Commercial Director of Bridge Consulting Julia Kucherenko, the situation worsened. "Now, fraudsters lure of potential" victims "of a very low cost of renting or selling real estate on the grounds that the owner of a burning desire to earn money on the" falls "market." For example, "rent a room in a one bedroom apartment, one room is closed. Over 6 thousand rubles. " It is clear that in a city such as Moscow for the money no one rents the apartment. This option simply can not be.

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Another type of fraud, all known - the base addresses of leased office or retail space and apartments. Customer calls to different numbers that are listed in the database, then no one takes, the number always busy. And if the client decides to go to the place and find out what was going on, it turns out, the object of long-handed, or does not surrender at all. A money back anymore. "This type of scam is typical for small spaces, where the client wants to save on commission professional real estate agency", - says Director of Development Department of the commercial real estate company "CREDIT MAX", Elena Perlov.

In recent years, particularly in communities of LiveJournal ( you can see this kind of advertisement: "Apartments for rent. 0% commission ". As practice shows, this kind of bait from the realtors. If you dial the listed number, it turns out that this is not true that you have to pay 100% commission. Also, there are cases where realtors, despite the fact that the apartment is located on the outskirts of the city, yet away from the subway, to increase the rent by eurorepair, expensive equipment. Of course, such an apartment - not a cheap pleasure, but it could not be more expensive than in downtown.

How to avoid fraud

victim zhilyaNe not trust private realtors and brokers who work on the "word of honor", but offer significant discounts for their commission. To prevent fraud and to minimize risks should contact the agency with good reputation, long history. Better to pay a standard fee real estate agency, but a documented contract for services with a full list of duties of realtors / brokers. Professional realtors will help the client to carefully check the legal component of a transaction. For a reinsurance contract can also show your friend a professional lawyer. The same can advise and owners. Since in their case, there are also certain risks.

If you have decided to formalize relations lease with the landlord by yourself, then you should check all the documents proving ownership, obtain consent to lease apartments for rent from all the owners and registered persons in the apartment and be sure to sign the tenancy agreement, which will need to prescribe the conditions and agreement.

"Failure to comply with all the necessary procedures when signing a lease agreement could lead to the fact that the lease will continue to be recognized as invalid", - said Victoria Opole, head lease of premises at Blackwood.

Simple rules

According to the Deputy Director of the company "MIEL-Rent" Maria Zhukova, a tenant can avoid the fraud is only one way: Never pay money up front for any services and pay only after it receives the keys to the rented apartment and settled. "If a tenant is forced to prepay for he really liked the apartment with deferred settlement, we need to make a preliminary agreement or agreement for advance payment, which will need to prescribe the amount of down payment and the conditions for its return, the timing of the apartment and the recipient's name to advance his passport data. While presenting an advance to the owner, one must take with him a receipt, and before making an advance to check whether he is the owner of the apartment. "

So, when looking for apartments self-worth to observe two simple rules: do not pay it forward, not "caught" at a very cheap options offered well below market value.

How to recognize an honest-estate agency

Recognize an honest company is not difficult. First, a large, professional real estate agents always have a quality and informative web site. Secondly, reliable agency, which for several years successfully on the market, located in a good office premises, mainly in downtown areas. Third, the professional company always conclude a contract with the client - it is an official legal document, which insure the interests of both client and agency. A payment of remuneration under the contract is always happening on the fact of service.

Before turning to the agency should consider the information about it, customer reviews in various Internet sources, and better to ask the relatives and friends. And remember that the "miser pays twice! So do not save on the services of professionals and access to highly questionable reports.

Lease contract

Lease agreement must contain the name, surname, middle name and passport details of the tenant and landlord. In addition, the contract should contain the cost of hiring indicating the currency and the order of payment for the hiring of (frequency, timing of payment, etc.), payment of utilities and other payments on accounts (MGTS, water, electricity), and well, who pay them.

The contract of employment must be provided for the frequency and order of visits to the apartment landlord.

If the security deposit is paid, the contract must indicate the size of this sum, to secure what she is paid (at the expense of outstanding indebtedness on account of possible damage to property and so on) and order its return. Must indicate the duration of the contract, order its termination (in case of early termination), in which case the contract can be terminated without penalty, the possibility of extending it.

Also in the contract must be listed person (name), who will be living in an apartment with the tenant, should contain the animals, if they exist, and agreement-disagreement landlord at their residence.

The contract must be specified and spelled out all the agreements which have reached each side during the inspection of the apartment and the decision to surrender its leases. For example, can or can not make repairs, put a metal door, change the furniture, etc. Who is obliged to do, at what time, who pays, etc.

Before you sign a contract should carefully inspect the apartment, you want to settle. Fully check the status. Check how is furniture, whether it suits you. If not, find out whether it is possible in this case a part of it removed or rearranged. Inspect plumbing. There are occasions when tenants move into an apartment, and then require the termination of the contract or the relocation on the grounds that there is tap water barely goes.

Typically, many agencies recommend at the conclusion of the contract amount Acceptance apartments, which describes in detail the state apartments, floors, windows, plumbing and other things, to avoid later claims of ownership over tainted property.

At the time of the contract required to negotiate with the landlord about the possibility of rearrangement or removal of furniture, or buying more furniture and some accessories and equipment, if needed. When it comes to buying anything, you should register: at whose expense of buying the subject of how the costs are repaid.

If a bit to be careful and read more about what you offer, you can avoid the hype and find exactly the apartment or a room that you would like to remove. It takes time, but worth it.
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