How not to fall for the bait scams

26.11.2010 05:16
And, despite the fact that as a result of housing downturn in demand has fallen sharply in price, it is natural that as soon as the crisis moves stagnation of the deadlock, we engulf a new wave of scams.<br /><br />We offer a few tips you need to know not to fall for the bait scammers.<br /><br />On the part of investment in construction, scam artists have developed several reliable circuits, which continue to fall trusting citizens.<br /><br /><strong>1. Staging of construction</strong><br />Often, development companies lure customers, staging construction. Prospective investors show dug pit, fenced and workers allegedly preparing the area to begin construction. It remains only to rush to make a down payment and get an apartment for much cheaper. But often, they get nothing - the license is either forged or invalid, and a couple of weeks of excavation no trace remains. It happens. Often, companies participating investment project deliberately - using any clue beforehand stipulated in the contract - tear cooperation. The deadline for this is a private investor. However, he eventually removes all of the obligations because it does not enter into a contract with citizens.<br /><strong><br />2. Two owners, one apartment</strong><br />Another way, which often happens in practice - the resale of apartments. One apartment can end up - with the introduction of home maintenance and documentation of property rights - to find several hosts. In the end, prove who was the first in the list of potential owners is extremely difficult. Yes, and if it is still able to do that, you are unlikely vdastsya get their money back. There are cases where realtors deliberately calculated with the owners of the house in which they acquire an apartment. In this case, developers are withdrawing from such apartments realtors and again vystavlyuyat for sale. And in the first and in another case, the results are similar - the citizens are without money and without an apartment.<br /><strong><br />3. Sale of apartments</strong><br />When the middle of construction development company, is facing a shortage of funds for its continuation, before completely dissolve in the air, she manages to cobble together a fortune, making money out of cheated depositors. The company says the sale of flats with incredible discounts. At the same time frame house may already be completed, most of the work done. This is the joy of buyers and into the hands of the company. Soon after, as investors are investing an additional building, company or declares bankruptcy, or simply disappear.<br /><br />Bottom line: deceived those who allow themselves to be deceived. When concluding a contract to buy an apartment in a new, find out is whether the account registration of investment contracts and agreements between both entities, and with customers. Make sure also, that this point was mentioned in the contract. In order to protect themselves from such an elementary blunder - use the services of proven companies, even though they will cost you more.<br /><br />Trace the history of the construction of other facilities undertaken by this firm, pay attention to its compliance with project deadlines and putting them into operation. Do not hesitate to demand the original documents of the company, to verify the license. In order to avoid legal errors in the contract - which may eventually lead to its rupture by unilaterally - refer to the help of lawyers. If we are talking about large sums of money, not worth saving on little things. Otherwise, the risk of burn increases significantly.<br /><br /><strong>4. Wash sale</strong><br />One aferistskih schemes designed specifically for stinginess of potential buyers. For a certain amount of real estate agency offers lists of all available apartments for sale, advertised the most advantageous proposal. The buyer comes to look at the apartment. The hosts, in fact, are dummies, really selling the apartment. After verifying the authenticity of the statements he makes a deal and paying the rent. However, he finds that the contract has lost validity. The reason for this is that the agency selected elementary has a license to conduct such operations.<br /><br />Conclusion: When choosing a real estate agency, be extremely careful not to rush to a phenomenally low price. This is one of the most common mistakes buyers, ultimately remaining and no money and no apartment.<br /><br /><strong>5. Apartment tenant</strong><br />You are not protected from the purchase of housing, which already has an owner, albeit temporarily drawn. He may serve his sentence in jail, performing military service or be treated in a mental hospital. Nevertheless, under the law for him retain the right to return the registration, even assuming that the apartment was sold.<br /><br />Conclusion: not too lazy to check in the housing administration, is not listed there for this apartment is temporarily taken off the register of citizens. The absence of the registered residents in this case - the first occasion for besspokoystva.<br /><br /><strong>6. Selling someone else's living space</strong><br />Speculators often offer the buyer to buy or rent a property without it no rights. Real estate company may require documentation of ownership of an apartment owners who want, for example, it can help to rent an apartment.<br /><br />Owners themselves often do not know that the apartment without their knowledge for sale. Having - ostensibly to check - the duplicate title documents, passports holders (sometimes used by the data lost passports) and find a buyer, fraudsters conclude with a final sale agreement.<br /><br />Conclusion: making the deal through a reliable real estate agencies, which managed to establish itself in the market. Only in this case, you can be guaranteed legal security and the successful outcome of the operation.<br /><br /><strong>7. Housing pyramid</strong><br />In addition to the well-known financial pyramid, there is also housing the pyramid, working on a similar scheme. Buyer to offer a discount on accommodation at a rate of 20-40%, assuming that he will have to find three more willing to invest money in this way. In this con artist is in no hurry to provide the necessary data to sell apartments to for as long as conditions are not met. Even if the building is indeed planning to build, often in such firms do not keep records of sold apartments in the future house.<br /><br />So one apartment may have multiple owners. As a result of such fraud, the number of victims who fell for the bait speculators could increase exponentially. But sooner or later, despite the efforts of fraudsters coming collapse of the pyramid. Then the company declares bankruptcy (artificial), or simply disappears.<br /><br />Conclusion: avoid such a situation will only reliable real estate company and your vigilance. Do not settle for bad deals.<br /><br /><strong>8. Donation instead of buying - selling</strong><br />Most-donation attempt to hide the actual sale transaction. This is one of the most common ways to circumvent the right of first refusal, and violations of the joint property of spouses. However, the statute of limitations on the donation contract is one year. This means that within a year a donor can challenge the contract in court.<br /><br />It turns out that today the giver can break the prisoner deal yesterday. For example, in his or her right to sue a claim about its cancellation of the contract, explaining that the gift certificate he had signed not by choice, but because of what you are being threatened. Otherwise, why give an apartment to a stranger.<br /><br />Conclusion: pay taxes and sleep soundly. Similar efforts to circumvent the burden of paying taxes, ostensibly aimed at the benefit you may eventually leave you without money and without an apartment. In case you are not fully versed in the legal intricacies of such operations should not take final decisions on your own - seek help from professionals.<br /><strong><br />9. Trade in air</strong><br />Buying an apartment, you may not even suspect that it, however, did not exist. In this case, when building a house, scammers can either execute a contract on the apartments in the building, the construction of which have no relationship or conclude a contract, which eventually turns out to be inconsistent with the approved documentation. And in that, in either case, you are left with nothing.<br /><br />Conclusion: In order to avoid such a miscalculation, pay attention to the verification of initial permits, design documentation, the presence of an investment contract, contract for land lease. In addition, remember that standing to seek registration of an investment contract, so you still have the owner, not the owner of novokuplennoy apartment. It is worth mentioning again that you should not use the services of the newly formed companies.<br /><br />Often, projects are of such companies are rarely satisfied. Too often, cases of freeze due to lack of funds. Larger companies in such a situation is more stable. Because before you invest, make inquiries about the reputation of the company, its financial condition and history of previous projects. Always carefully read the documents before you put underneath the signature. Often the fine print can be specified fundamentally important for you to terms of the agreement.<br /><strong><br />10. Lease with subsequent delivery to the foreign real estate rentals</strong><br />Despite the fact that many tenants have repeatedly burns on various schemes of rental housing, it is still not taught them to take it a rule to sign agreements with landlords. Often, potential customers rarely use the services and real estate agencies. This is often and leave scam.<br /><br />Renting an apartment for a short time - they are posing as the owners - rent it as a rental for the long term, subject to prepayment, luring victims of low prices. So, they can simultaneously deliver to multiple tenants, and then disappear safely. In some cases, fraudsters engaged in forgery of legal documents on housing.<br /><br />Conclusion: if you naotkaz do not want to use the services of real estate agencies that do the job for you, do not be lazy to get information about whether or not to live at that address these people. This can be found, for example, in the passport office, or just ask around the neighbors living in the same house.<br /><a href=" "> </a><br />
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