How not to buy an apartment instead of a pig in a poke «

23.01.2011 09:00
When choosing real estate experts advise to pay attention to even the smallest detail - this will continue to avoid unpleasant surprises, and really save money.

When you view the apartment buyers in the first pay attention to the size of the apartment and how it is organized prostanstvo, where you can put the bed or hang a picture etc.

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But, according to Michel Comte, a specialist from the Corcoran Group, if you're really interested in buying an apartment or house, you have to go beyond the surface inspection and make sure that this object really suits you.

After the first excitement has passed from the apartment, you must become a real "detective" - advises Michel Comte.

Check all. Make sure that you later will not find nasty surprises that will cause frustration and will cost you a lot of money.

Michel Comte encourages potential buyers to find out everything possible about the apartment and the building in which it is located, to check such things as water pressure and condition of the windows. Are they old? Whether they need to be replaced? These are examples of simple things that can cost you money. Also, check the floors.

Also, do not hurt to look under the carpet. "I personally saw how buyers when viewed from the apartment discovered that under the carpet there was no floor - it was laid directly on concrete", - said Conte.

You also need to check how old appliances in an apartment and how well they work. If you are in any case planning to make repairs, you need to pay special attention to the organization of space, find out which walls can be demolished and what does not. Ascertain whether the alterations are allowed.

Should also find out whether there is scope for installing a washing machine / dryer? Can I move the pipeline? Ask all questions immediately.

If you plan to do in an apartment repairs, you should determine policy in respect of that particular building. For example, the time limit to repair, not to be fined. In some cases, not allowed to start repairs as long as other projects in the building to be completed. So it is necessary to know all the rules before you begin to make plans.

And finally, you should determine whether the land under the building to rent. If yes, then you need to know when the lease expires, because it is an extension may have a significant impact on maintenance.
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