How not to burn with the purchase of capital for housing?

19.10.2010 13:33
Before the crisis, apartments in Kiev flew like hot cakes. On the day there could be several hundred transactions. Now, a month is 700-800. In September the lucky owners of the Moscow metro began, according to company SV Development, 773 persons. Therefore doubly interesting to know who those few lucky people who are buying apartments, writes today.<br /><br />In their quest, I went to the Three Saints, where the metropolitan BTI. In the pre-crisis times wishing to register their agreement idle here in the long hours of queuing. On Friday, I saw only 6 people. One of them - already from Kiev Tamara Zaitseva - agreed to tell about how she managed to buy a one bedroom apartment.<br /><br /><strong>WHERE MONEY</strong><br /><br />Just before the crisis, I needed a loan. But God led. Sale fell through a 3-room apartments in Vinnitsa grandmother, for which then gave us $ 50 thousand and a week after this crisis began having problems with the banks. If the transaction took place, I would definitely run into a dollar loan. And so I have to deposit 2 years ago, it was only $ 10 thousand, so about any loan, let alone buying it did not go.<br /><br />Podbodrennaya forecasts that metropolitan real estate will be cheaper, I, first, shot her husband to move to her parents to save money on renting an apartment, and it is - 2200 UAH.<br /><br />Secondly, we cut back on other expenses: no longer go abroad, began to rock movies from the internet, if things are bought and then only on sales. As a result, total savings, we put off to 4000 UAH. per month, and by September 2010, a couple of years, have collected $ 12 thousand money put on deposit.<br /><br />So what else and interest dripped. Plus this summer managed to sell Vinnytsya apartment. Although not for $ 50 thousand, and only 30 thousand (we sell it for 2 years, skidyvaya every couple of months at $ 2-3 million). Total ran up $ 42 thousand<br /><br />With this money we have in the early fall of this year decided to try his luck with a mortgage. The benefit of the banks began to issue loans, and rates decreased (in the spring they were 22-25% per annum, and now can be found at 19-20%). Applied immediately in 4 banks, where credit issued for 20 years.<br /><br />In two of them told us to bring in the early papers on the chosen apartment, the two agreed to give a preliminary go-ahead. In the first variant was a risk of losing collateral: choosing an apartment, give $ 1,5-2 thousand mortgage, the bank pulls the gum for several weeks, and then tells you "no." Therefore, we have applied only in the last 2 bank.<br /><br />Just in case, to insure: to solve the issue is not with the manager and the chief of department of credit. Over 5% of the loan he agreed to lobby our interests in the credit committee. As a result, in late September gave us a loan of $ 15 thousand so we scraped together $ 67 thousand: our savings of $ 22 thousand + sale apartments in Vinnitsa $ 30 thousand + credit for $ 15 thousand (UAH, at 20% per annum, secured by purchased apartments).<br /><br /><strong>CHECK THE PRICE OF "EXCLUSIVE" OFFERS</strong><br /><br />For the same amount this fall, we could buy a new home in Kiev only 1-room apartment. We went to see an apartment on the street O. Pchilki, a 22-storey building. And almost became victims of "divorce" on the money. It was like this. Realtor calls a major real estate agency and says that he found for me a great option: 1-room apartment - room 18 square meters. m., kitchen - 10 square meters. m, total construction finishing in a new, commissioned the house with all the documents and "only" $ 65 thousand<br /><br />However, at last, a 22-m floor (hence this price), and the agency must pay 5%. Total apartment would have cost us a $ 69 million ($ 3,250 plus the agency $ 650 - 1% of the Pension Fund). Would have had to borrow another $ 2 thousand, but we still went to watch.<br /><br />The apartment is like, but we decided to think with the advance until the evening. And we are very fortunate that it was a Friday and just went out the latest issue of popular newspapers with advertisements for the sale of apartments. In it we find the same apartment without a $ 65 thousand, and for $ 62 thousand I called the above number. Realtor said that the people will give apartment for $ 60 thousand, and she would take 2.5%. Total purchase together with payment of the pension fund would have cost us $ 62 thousand words, we could get to $ 7 thousand<br /><br />From this advice: If you received an offer from a realtor, look for the same apartment for all possible sources of the ads for the sale of apartments. In fact, many realtors are doing: finding primary ad agency arrangements with the host that will give him 2.5% themselves wind the amount you put in your pocket (in this case, it was $ 5 thousand, because the owner gave the apartment for $ 60 thousand ), plus take another bribe for his agency.<br /><br />I still have my observation about the realtor commission: employees of large agencies immediately called the 5%, those working for themselves or the agency middling take 2,5-3%. But at the same time to get all the same 5%, they can go for a trick.<br /><br />Leads you to the apartment to a realtor, on the object you are met by the second, which represents the interests of the seller. Buyer, they say that from the different agencies, but in fact are one. In this case, have to pay a double fee.<br /><br /><strong>No neighbors - anywhere</strong><br /><br />1-room apartment on Poznyaky for $ 60 thousand we still have refused. My parents were totally against that, we bought a house on the top floor on the grounds that future problems with the roof.<br /><br />In the end, after weighing the pros and cons, we decided to buy "kopeck piece" in the secondary market. At once came across a very tempting offer: one sleeping areas of Kiev to sell 2-bedroom apartment for only $ 65 thousand H say "all", because the house was a series of BPS - 16-storey socket. While the $ 65 thousand mostly to be found "kopeck piece" in the Khrushchev. Realtor explain the price that the hostess urgently need money for an operation for his mother.<br /><br />Plus, the apartment was on the 1 st floor, and it always reduces the cost. Despite the 1 st floor and adjacent rooms, the apartment we liked. But wary that the realtor called as a deposit amount of $ 5 million (usually in the sale of apartments up to $ 70 thousand charge a deposit of $ 3.2 million). And there was an alarming moment: the apartment she bought just a year ago.<br /><br />Despite all these factors, we agreed that on the evening of that day come to the agency and sign a preliminary contract. But before you go to an agency, we decided to talk with their neighbors. And they discovered the secret of why the apartment is sold so cheaply. It turns out, houses a series of BPS on the 1 st floor is a switchboard, and the apartment we were going to fly, was not a two-bedroom, and one and a. Part of the second room is just "ate" switchboard. What is fraught? Firstly, at night we would be advisable to rumble. Secondly, the strong electromagnetic radiation clearly not add to health. This apartment, by the way, when we watched it already sold more than six months.<br /><br />Hence, my advice - always before you go to view, prosherstite Internet and find out how long put up for sale housing. If a very long time and thus its price is below the average, not worth spending time on her show. Because now all that exhibit at a cheaper price, go for a couple weeks. By the way, realtor and owner realized its strategic mistake (what people can alert the too low price) and I recently saw this apartment, exposed for $ 72 thousand<br /><br /><strong>How to weed out APARTMENTS TO VIEW</strong><br /><br />In addition to the period during which the apartment up for sale, and prices, set yourself another "filter" to view it - location. It is clear that almost all of us prefer one or another of the capital. But in each district street street discord: one may be close to the park and the other - close to the incineration plant.<br /><br />See the view from the window that will open the apartment, it is possible with the help of internet cards In the Find box, enter the address, then press the "Panorama", and if you are interested street will be marked in blue, then you will be able to see her panoramic image. By the way, using the same card, you can calculate the route, as you'll get from home to work. I, for example, this option is deselected by several lucrative options because they do not want to get to work with three transfers.<br /><br />Another site that will help filter out unwanted flats to be viewed directly - the site of the Kiev city administration By clicking on "Budinok by entering the name of the street in the Ukrainian language in the" Vulitsya "and selecting a number of interest at home, you can see his photos from different angles, find the date of overhaul, the state of communications, roofs, etc. By the way, some tehsostoyanie Khrushchev, contrary to my expectations, it turned out better than the homes of 30 years of age.<br /><br /><strong>CONTRACTUAL TONKOSTI</strong><br /><br />In search of the apartment I had gone almost a month. During this time I could see more than a dozen options. This figure would be much more if I for myself have not been clearly decided: I want to live only in this area - and the point. In addition, even before I had the correct amount, I looked through the apartment, constantly "grazing" on the sites, so perfectly focused in the types of apartment layouts and prices (this year they have not changed).<br /><br />So when I saw "kopeck piece" with separate rooms at the 7 th floor of 9-storey building in the area of my dreams for $ 68 thousand, the decision about buying it was accepted immediately, even at the dead state. As the hostess joked, "we flat after builders.<br /><br />At this stage, would like to talk about the preliminary contract. On average, in Kiev it notarization will cost 1000 USD. (Although when I monitor the prices, I came across notaries who wish for this service flay 3000 UAH.).<br /><br />By signing this agreement, I made a mistake. She touched penalties if the purchase and sale did not come to pass. The contract was written that if the deal falls through the fault of owners of the apartment, they give us the amount of the deposit and another $ 3 thousand<br /><br />If we would have been to blame, it would leave a deposit, plus would have paid another $ 3 thousand fine. My husband and I head was so clouded that we have not noticed, that conditions are unjust. After all, the owners would lose only $ 3 thousand, and we - $ 6 thousand, but, thank God, the transaction is accomplished, and I am now a sales contract log into TIB.<br /><br />By the way, tell another interesting point about the registration of the contract of sale. Before signing on the agreement, buyers pay 1% of transaction amount to the Pension Fund, and the sellers - 1% state tax. So 1% registration fee - this is the board to private notary. On many of them silent. And take the top 1000-1500 UAH.<br /><br />Look at this point look for when choosing a notary public. Another tip: if you buy an apartment, for example, with her husband equal cash infusion, we can arrange a marriage contract under which the accommodation you will acquire the rights of share ownership. This will give everyone the opportunity to control their own part. <br />
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