How not to become hostage to speculators from the real estate?

06.02.2011 00:03
The correspondent "KP" tried to take off in Lviv, cheap housing and twice being held hostage to speculators.


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What must be confessed, cheap housing has always been in short supply and enjoy maximum demand. And if an elite apartment in a prestigious district of the city are usually preferred by people wealthy, then rent a place for a very nominal fee they want, or students or newlyweds. The first did not want to coexist with the cockroaches out of the hostel, the latter - they want to live separately from their parents, although more money at it in a young family yet.

Komsomolskaya Pravda decided to check on their own experience, really is in Lviv to find and rent a cheap apartment.

As an experiment I invented the legend of the student's nephew, who came to Lviv from Rivne. The student was real with the sole proviso that it is not my nephew. But the apartment he really needed - in the hostel he was not caught on, and therefore wants to live alone. Task was specific: apartment should be inexpensive to 1000 hryvnia and located in a residential neighborhood - which is cheaper.

The easiest option - to find an apartment on a newspaper ad. Subconscious suggest that a better deal directly with the owners of flats than with realtors and brokers. In his eyes caught several ads. The text was about the same - a front entrance, renovation, new plumbing, all appliances are also available, price 600 hryvnia, with no middlemen and urgent.

I'm certainly glad this "cheapness" dial a mobile number listed in one of the ads. It turned out I was in a real estate agency. My dear lady's voice on the phone said that in order to see the apartment, it is necessary to sign a treaty with them and pay for the services of 240 hryvnia. If the apartment is not fit - we will be looking for another third, and so on until not populated.

Then I called some more phones similar ads. It also proved to brokerage offices and their services cost in the range 240,260 hryvnia.

Then my intuition let me down - I went on that first agency, which promised for 240 hryvnia "complete package".

It is located in the heart of Lviv office - in the courtyard of an old house. On the door - the company name in "file", Topic is Sticky pushpin. In the office are two desks, each - a dozen mobile phones, they alternately call. Two sexy girls chtoto write on pieces of paper, answer call memorized phrases and create a kind of violent activity.

It turned out that on the phone I was talking to one of them. She introduced herself Oksana.

The girl has kindly offered to read the contract. In a piece of paper on a single sheet with a bunch of grammatical errors, there was nothing specific, except that we are obliged to pay 240 hryvnia, and they found us an apartment to a thousand hryvnia. Term of the contract - three months. This I now realize that everything that happens to evoke suspicion.

Nevertheless, we signed the contract, the money paid (by the way, without a cash register receipt) and got a list already with two (!) Telephone numbers of "apartments" - for $ 600, and 900 hryvnia.

One that for 900 USD., Was already busy, but cheap, for 600 - free. The hostess promised to show us her evening. But the evening turned out that in her village in-law fell and broke her leg, we must urgently go. The next day she again drove to her mother in law, and the third - there were problems with the child, then there was a "party" at work, and then she just switched off the mobile.

Stubbornly silent the whole day and a mobile realtor Oksana.

When we came into agency brawl, a staff member Oksana sharply cut:

- Why are you here go? Promised to find an apartment, then pick up! Three months ahead! And Oksana ill. In general, money you did not give her pocket, and the company!

Ultimately, we could stay and without an apartment, and without 240 hryvnia. Press card miracle - to hush up the scandal, the money returned to us. But I realized that the apartments to 600 hryvnia Lviv simply does not exist! These ads get the realtors to lure customers and "steal" from him 240-260 hryvnia per contract. In the best case at the end of the contract we have found "dead" flat for 1000 hryvnia, which is impossible to live in for free.


Another common type of fraud in the property market was in the delivery of long-term lease of apartments whose owners did not even aware of. With these dealers we are also, unfortunately, had to "learn".

During the week we "nephew" bypassed several agencies, telephoned a bunch of "flats" on the ads. If the option is good, and the price is from 1600 and more. But we aim to find an inexpensive apartment for a student. So, we thought it was lucky! The agency employee said that they operate on the principle - first flat, then the agreement. Taught by previous bitter experience, of course we agreed.

We immediately find a suitable option, though, is more expensive - 1200 hryvnia per month. Evening show, and seeing that we are interested in (Of course! Almost in the center, with good conditions), we immediately offered to fill in and sign the contract. Required of us to pay two months rent - the first and last - as collateral, which is not eaten right away. And then we saved from the scam an accident. "Nephew" did not bring money. Realtor nervous at first wanted to refuse to cooperate, said that many contenders for the apartment, and then pretended that comes to us to make concessions:

- Let's agree as follows: Tomorrow at 8.00 you bring the money and I give you a clue. And at the agency say that you paid yesterday.

Our student, agreed.

In the morning we just stuck in traffic. And come much later than the stipulated time. And it saved us a second time. Then it all happened as a detective. Once we have gathered over money - a woman came to the apartment. Our realtor took her to the kitchen after a brief conversation came back and said that it was his boss and that they have decided not to take us to the apartment. And asked to leave immediately. What we have done.

But as frustrated "nephew" forgotten umbrella there, we came back half an hour. The apartment is our realtor was not, but hosted the "boss".

- If you will once again be in Lviv, please - cute smiling woman is taken aback by giving an umbrella.

- Again? - I asked again and was stunned by what he heard.

Word for word, and it became clear that we have with "nephew" become heroes almost genius spektaklyaafery. Our realtor was trying to rent an apartment to someone else! A woman was a relative of the owner of the apartment, which is now on earnings in Italy, and just rented housing for rent.

Fraud scheme is simple: conman rents an apartment, paid for the day, and just looking for tenants. Evaluates an apartment at attractive rates and rents on the same day, took the money for two months. And disappears with the money. And in the morning (and was) comes this apartment owner or a representative of the agency, to get out of the house and rent it next time to time. And tutti deception opens. Find swindler is impossible, Simka with the mobile phone simply thrown away, and "knock out" money is not paid from someone.

In the hot season session, our students decided to live in a dorm is not too bad. Synopses there is anyone to borrow, and generally much cheaper. Therefore, the housing problem temporarily withdrawn from the agenda.

Stay in touch

Choose a good realtor

- Most will be wrong to rely on case and contact them, whose ads have liked. The first thing usually done by people trying to solve their housing problem, turn to friends and acquaintances. Most searches for "your" realtor to the recommendations of friends. And indeed, why not benefit from the experience of others?

- If you decide to use newspaper advertising, the first note on the license number of a realtor. Well, if this figure is included in the first two hundred - so the real estate broker working for a long time, about five years. And he does it flawlessly, because the license shall be renewed each year.

- If you already have an agency take a look at a sample contract. If you were given a typical on a single sheet of paper - it is better to go from there. The contract must be considered a lot of nuances, most often by our lawyers, it has to supplement, alter, in accordance with each individual situation.
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