How not to be trapped in the suburban real estate market?

01.05.2016 01:00
Articles about real estate | How not to be trapped in the suburban real estate market? Buying a property - a risky business. However, to buy a country house is much "worse" than an apartment. The real estate market is full of different stories as deceived or that unsuspecting citizen, and as no one and nothing can help him. Of course, each have their own horror stories true. Recently, legislation tries to protect buyers. However, while it affected only people who buy apartments in new buildings. It is here that the future owner of the most protected themselves from risks.

At the town market, the situation is completely different. By purchasing a vacation home, all, including the government, to understand that this is not only a house, not a thing of prime necessity, and some luxury, and thus protect themselves from the risks you should own. publishes a collection of legal advice on how to protect themselves, concluding such a deal. These tips will help advance podstelit straw in the most crucial moment of the purchase of housing in the country market.

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Intelligence service

First of all, it is necessary to learn all about the object that you want to buy, and the developer who offers you this.

can be found on the website of Ministry of Justice, is not bankrupt the developer and whether a statement of liquidation of the organization served. On Goszemkadastra can find a plot of land to check the location, purpose and category, as well as the presence of security zones. In addition, for 53 hryvnia can get an extract from the register of legal entities.


Of course, it is necessary to examine all the documentation. It is necessary to check and building permits and to carry out communications, and even technical specifications. The presence of these documents does not guarantee 100% fulfillment of all obligations, but it confirms the good faith builder. The absence of any documents on the hands is clearly a high risk factor.

Attention needs and land, especially land-purpose category. Director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko says risky to buy a plot of land with a resolution of individual housing construction or for country construction, and, for example, agricultural land with the obligation to transfer the developer of land in the desired category and build a house on it. Execution of such an obligation does not depend entirely on the will of the builder, respectively, there is a high risk of default.

A lot of pitfalls when purchased land with a contract, but the goods are not sold in one package, and is divided into three components: land, home and communications. There should be careful, especially if it is sold, not all of the same legal entity, and not from the different companies that affiliation developer. If you offer to sign three different contract from three different legal entities, then consult an experienced attorney or look for another home market.

Also alert should the fact if the purchase conditions are not the same for all, and possible options for the client desires. For example, if the plots are sold with communications, these communications are mandatory for all. You can not, for example, to buy a plot with a house, and communication to solve routed independently. You also can not abandon the contract at home. When there is a variation in the acquired product, you risk to buy a home from the developer, who just do not have enough money for communication.

Electricity, water and gas

The issue of communication in general is very difficult. It is here that most of the promises are not fulfilled. If you want to buy an object with minimal risk, then Victor Kovalenko advises not to buy in the early stages of construction, when the minimum price. If you buy land without a contract, but with communications, it should buy, where have all the documents, including permission for the construction of networks, as well as himself fenced, held storyboard land and laid temporary roads. If you buy a plot with a contract, and communications, all of the above except that it is necessary that the construction was started and networks, and buildings.


Buying a newly built suburban property, ask and be a source of funding. There is an advantage, if the building is the participation of the bank. As well as additional guarantees may be considered and the existence of the mortgage object.

The scheme implementation

Buying property, a good idea to ask about the scheme and its implementation, as well as to clarify who, ultimately, is the owner of all possible infrastructure. Worst case, when the developer reserves all the best - the organization of the cooperative.

If you have thrown

Life, as we know, is unpredictable. Even the proclaimed and thoughtful decision can not be protected from force majeure. And if the worst happened, it is necessary to prove his innocence in court. A competent lawyer is often able to prove that you deliberately misled. The Supreme Court of Ukraine insists that the courts must proceed from the fact that the consumer, buying property, does not have the specialized knowledge and is not obliged to possess them.

If a court failed to restore justice, it is necessary to unite with fellow sufferers in the non-profit organizations, to restructure the organization of all the rights and to finish building all alone at their own expense.

Thus, the suburban real estate market is fraught with many risks, from which you can protect yourself only you. Besides, it never hurts to help an experienced lawyer, especially if there are moments in which you can not understand yourself.
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