How not to be mistaken with a choice of home?

04.05.2020 00:30
What are three basic questions must be answered prospective buyer country cottage.
More and more people of Kiev in recent years tends to move from the stuffy "stone jungle" in a country house.
And now is where to relocate - continue to be built near Kiev cottage villages - in recent years, there was about a hundred of them. For now, buy a cottage in the countryside can be, and for $ 50,000 and one million.

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However, buying a home in the cottage may have their caveats. So how do you avoid mistakes when choosing suburban real estate.

Question number 1 What to road junctions and traffic jams?

The most important criterion for selecting sites for future homes for the city - the traffic intersection. Beauty without convenient access to it - is a good option to give, when runs away from the bustle of the city in a remote, but pleasing to the eye landscapes. An entirely different situation, if the wheel back and forth from the capital and back, has a daily basis. In this case the road issue brought to the forefront.

The most convenient way is to Obukhov, to the elite settlement. The most problematic - Warsaw highway and the road from Vyshgorod. To get from the left bank of Boryspil and Brovary pretty handy, but in the city have to stand in traffic jams on the bridges across the Dnieper.

Multiband Zhytomyr highway to the border metropolis will lead you perfectly. Odessa highway route is considered the European level and also are not blocked. Things change when you get "in line". Residents of the town of Zhytomyr direction may have to stand in long traffic jams around the metro stations on the prospect of victory. But residents of Odessa direction now is practically ensured unpleasant moments in a prime at the Moscow area, where there is a reconstruction.

Question number 2 A give a title to the land?

This is the most sensitive issue when buying a house outside the city: the right of ownership to it and the site. In some towns did not give an answer to the question of land ownership. The fact that some developers do not provide ownership of the land, he transferred to the buyer at home or on the basis of the lease or as a member of the garden community.

- The lease agreement may be signed at least 200 years, but there is always a condition of lease of land - says lawyer Yuri Lebedev .- Moreover, leased land can not sell, sublet, is inherited. Often development company itself - only the tenant of land. And its residents delivers parts to the sublease. If the lease was signed with the local authority, then by changing the management staff could review the contract.

Very different conditions from those who bought the cottage and the land beneath it to complete its property. Such an owner could sleep well and do everything on his site, he wants without disturbing however, the law.

Question number three What about infrastructure?

Save money on buying "estate" can be, if you buy it in the zone of spontaneous development, somewhere on the outskirts of the village in the Odessa area.

But the savings when buying may later result in a number of inconveniences. For example, will have to buy an alarm, and even hire a security guard for a fee. It may be also that the nearest ATM to get necessary 10 km, and from convenience stores - only stand with beer. The glory cottage towns, except that here "fortress" and offer everything you need "clothing" for a comfortable life.

According to research infrastructure elements cottage village divided into two types:

1) The basic objects that are commonly found in each village. This security, grocery store, pharmacy, ATM (basic services).

2) For objects that are company-builder places on your own. This is a kindergarten, school, shopping center, fitness center, swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, beauty salon, restaurant, service stations, car wash, etc.

In addition, any good town to maintain order, and just for a normal life requires service operation. And the villagers pay for the operation of such services a monthly fee. And some companies arrange for their residents the same rate overall as in the village "Mayetok" Skarbnitsya Єvropi "at the Odessa direction or in the Mikhailovsky Garden" in the direction of Zhitomir.

Others, such as in the cottage "Olympic Park", in contrast, distinguish between the size of spending large landowners of the village and their more modest neighbors - counting operating costs, based on the size of a house or land.
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