How much we overpay when buying property?

15.10.2010 13:17
Articles about real estate | How much we overpay when buying property? Construction cost per square meter of housing area economy class, and this panel, block and precast-monolithic house is in Russia on average 25 - 30 thousand rubles, according to researchers from the Russian Builders Association (AMA).

And these figures are already included and the cost of land (purchase-lease), and the design and execution of construction works.

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If we add to this pure Petersburg "overhead" costs in the form of issuing permits and various approvals, the "square" be rounded by no more than 3 thousand rubles. Lay in its price gain of 15% plus the means to develop the company and obtain the real cost per square meter, representing no more than 40 thousand rubles. Each can independently calculate how much it is to overpay, buying an apartment in the home economy class (without a contract for repairs). .

Experts estimate the RSA to date cost of housing in Russia for 8.61% less than before the crisis. And in times of crisis, has decreased (- 8.61%) to a lesser extent than reduced themselves building materials (-16.75%).

Most of the January-October, the commodity has risen fittings - at 30.54%, the price of ceramic bricks during this period increased by 21,1%, water and gas pipes - at 6.16%, paints - on 3,95%, mineral wool - on 1.67% portland cement - on 1,08%, and asphalt mixes - on 1,05%. However, the cost of gravel for the period decreased by 25.23%, ready-mix concrete - on 17,12%, marketable solution - at 9.58%, sand stroyrabot - at 9.26%, gypsum plasterboard - 1, 29% precast - by 0.81%.

So that further reduction in home prices is theoretically quite possible, since the spring can hardly wait for the restoration of the financial position of buyers. In short, everything will depend on demand. Serious experts of the construction market are expected to return to trend growth in the spring of 2011, which may occur under the influence of inflation.

But life is full of surprises, including pleasant ones. Watch for her even more closely.

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