How much is «unfrozen « housing?

18.02.2011 07:33
Articles about real estate | How much is «unfrozen « housing? With the restoration of consumer activity developers gradually thawed unfinished objects. New economy-growing in Moscow and its suburbs like mushrooms after rain. Housing in this format is really in demand among buyers. But because the land in the capital is very expensive, the market is crowding out of economy-housing outside the Moscow Ring Road, where the cost of an apartment is much cheaper than in the city.

Things are moving

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Since 2010, the market economy class new buildings has gradually come to life: trust of customers in this segment started to recover, returned to the effective demand for apartments, the market began to leave for new projects, intensified construction at the sites to be implemented during the crisis have been suspended. "Most obviously, these trends are visible in the Moscow suburbs, where recently realized the demand for affordable housing through new construction, is actively under construction within a radius of 15 km from Moscow. Building quality housing, proximity to Moscow and an attractive cost per square meter is the fundamental factor in the high demand for new buildings nearest suburbs "- shares his experience Skorik Anton, CEO of the Morton-Invest. The expert notes that housing construction in 2010, rapidly and by early 2011 this led to significant changes in the structure of the proposal on the readiness of projects.

By the end of last year, the share of ready-built housing in the overall economy-proposals in the near suburbs accounted for 50% - are projects that are either commissioned or are in the final stage of construction (19% and 31% respectively). The share of projects at the initial stage of 44%. Objects showing sluggish pace of implementation or frozen, 6% of total supply. At the end of 2009, the proportion of finished and housing under construction was 75% and 25% - in the first year after the crisis, property developers the main effort directed at the completion of the construction already under buildings, fearing the same time withdraw the following turns.

"Now almost all frozen in 2008-2009 continue to complete construction of new buildings, not to resume construction of only 5% of all construction sites. Many apartment complexes, whose implementation was suspended during the crisis, has already successfully completed and handed over the acceptance committee - says Aleksander Zima, Director of Sales Penny Lane Realty. - Recently moved from a dead point for the longest protracted, where construction stopped long before the crisis. "

For example, a renovation project in 1911 in the Southern district Tushino, in which supposed to demolish old buildings and build nine high-rise residential buildings. In this case, today the city authorities are to meet the developers and try not to create them with additional difficulties. Mosgosstroynadzor recently extended for three months, permission to build 114 out of 150 developers who have these periods ended December 1, 2010 to February 1, 2011.

Not be amiss to mention that due to "financial plague many developers slackened their appetites. "Reorientation of developers in the housing economy class - a key trend in 2010, which is retained in 2011. In the near future is expected to yield a number of projects, their analysis shows that the developers have focused on the construction of housing economy-as the most sought after in Moscow in the post-crisis period. The total volume injected in the announced projects of housing will be about 2.2 million square meters. m "- explains Maria Litinetskaya, CEO of Miel-New".

Simply put, property prices, especially in the capital, were and remain quite high. Therefore, the buyer becomes a key factor in the optimal ratio of price - quality ". "It is these characteristics have a New Economy Class. Furthermore, it is not true the view that the home economy class - it's substandard buildings, freezing winters and sweltering summers. An affordable apartment in a pre-fabricated house - does not mean bad. The combination of inexpensive but high quality materials and the latest developments in the construction industry can build a reliable and affordable homes "- adds Julian Gutman, director of new construction company" Inkom-real estate. "

Place on the map
It should be noted that the trend of economy-displacement beyond the Moscow Ring Road there has been a long time. "The fact that Moscow has long been experiencing a deficit of sites under construction, and those that are available, are very expensive, which certainly affects the cost per square meter. Thus, in the capital to build prefabricated houses are simply not profitable "- throws up his hands Julian Gutman.

"Currently many new buildings were constructed and built in the Moscow area outside the ring road - these are areas Solntsevo, Peredelkino. Kozhukhovo. Planned development Luberetskiy fields aeration, which also will be part of HLW Moscow. Our company completes construction of a large complex in the South Butovo (SWAD), and 3 quarter of 2011 will begin construction of a new LCD in the Mitino (CJSC) ", - says Irina Romanova, Head of Marketing and PR SC Pioneer Moscow. She notes that within the Ring Road was built in large amounts of the last 2 years of housing located in areas Marfino Ochakovo, Sviblovo, Otradnoye, Chertanovo Zyuzin.

In general, in Moscow actively builds and sells about 40 objects that can be attributed to the economy, and comfort-class. The largest volume of deals is the Southern Administrative District: 83% is focused on the total supply of apartments in new economy class. In SWAD sold 7% of the total economy-class apartments in the Company - 6%. The smallest volume of supply is presented in NEAD and SEAD - 2%. CAO, CAO, HLW and SZAO economy class new buildings in the implementation of the no.

By the way, about 80% of newly implemented on various mortgage programs. For example, in January, started mortgage programs for purchase of apartments in residential complexes "Lazarevskoye", "Airbus" and "Tricolor." "In many facilities being built today may mortgage loans purchased under the new building. Currently, these loans give Sberbank of Russia, VTB 24, Gazprombank and a number of other commercial banks. Conditions are different, but in general we can say about the choices available to a buyer "- complements Irina Romanova.

"Typically, buying an apartment under the mortgage in each house is provided by a limited number of partner banks. But despite the fact that in different projects, these banks are different programs offered to borrowers everywhere about the same. Standard terms and conditions can be called a mortgage for 20 years at 13-15%, "- he knows Andrei Glebov, director of sales department" Domus Finance.

Price issue

Currently, the average cost per square meter in the panel housing is 110-130 thousand rubles. in Moscow and 43-45 thousand rubles. in the suburbs. "The average cost of square meters. m in new economy class in Moscow is about 95 thousand rubles. Maximum weighted average cost of square meters. m in this segment was recorded in the SWAD - 135.9 thousand rubles. the minimum - in the SAD (91.7 thousand rubles. for the quarter. m) ", - says Maria Litinetskaya.

"In every segment of the range of prices depends on the reputation of the builder, the location of the object, the implementation stage and the pace of construction. Are also important individual characteristics of the residential complex: the economy class segment is a series of apartment house, in a segment of the business class and the elite - the architecture of the project, engineering and internal infrastructure, a variety of areas and lay-flat "- says Aleksander Zima.

Traditionally, the most popular in Moscow are 1 and 2-room apartments of 55-60 square meters. m. They account for about 75% of the requests of buyers. The largest share of buyers (about 60%), irrespective of whether they buy an apartment in Moscow or the Moscow region are geared to the cost of an apartment within 3-5 million rubles., 15% of clients plan to meet the 8.5 million rubles., 16% are willing to spend at least 3 million rubles., 9% - more than 8 million rubles. "With the advent of affordable and adequate proposals on mortgages in new buildings increased the share of sales of large apartments: 3-4-room. Thus, the LCD "Lazarevskoye" about 70% of the apartments, purchased with a mortgage, are 3-4-room area of 70-90 square meters. m "- sums up Irina Romanova. According to her preferences on the floors as such does not exist: some prefer the top, someone on the contrary, the lower ones. But here's middle floor is always in demand.

As the competition between developers recently only increases attention paid by developers furnish the common areas. For example, a modern residential complex "District", located in Zvenigorod, equipped with storage space for strollers and bicycles. Another important trend is the active development of the infrastructure surrounding areas: developed playgrounds, recreation areas and parking lots. Such proposals are in the LC "Youth", in Solnechnogorsk. That is, the number of proposals ekonomklassa gradually develops into a quality of the product.
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