How much is the property in the Transcarpathian region?

19.10.2010 12:15
Articles about real estate | How much is the property in the Transcarpathian region? Housing problem, it seems, will remain a pressing problem of all time. Some of his help to solve the crisis, stop uncontrolled growth in property prices. At the same time, the vast majority of countrymen own home is still beyond reach.

So we decided to find out - they can count on those who hope for the purchase of apartments did not leave. On this and not only - in a conversation with the chairman of the Transcarpathian Regional Branch of the Association of Realtors of Ukraine Tatyana Causes.

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Tatiana Tiborivna, please tell us what is now the demand for apartments? Whether he has changed, say, compared with last year?

- Speaking of the past crisis period, even if the market situation of sale was stable. Demand, may not have been too high, but cheap, affordable housing for people still interested. With respect of 2010, the summer we have seen some decline. But it is absolutely normal and should always be repeated. It is in July and August, people usually go on vacation and all the big decisions lay in September.

You say that there is a steady demand. Does this mean that it is sufficient?

- Experienced Realtors remember the days before the crisis, when demand was simply crazy. Therefore, in comparison with that period and seems to work a little. But it is. People continue to seek, to search for acceptable alternatives. For life goes on - who marries, who divorces, our children grow up. Therefore, the housing problem worries constantly.

In addition, some construction companies have suspended their work. Consequently apartments is not enough. At the same time, credit is not given, people have little money, but to live where you want. So now the demand is for cheap housing. The only thing that helps, so this reduction of price levels.

And as far as prices fell?

- If before the crisis, we were looking for a studio apartment in good condition somewhere for 45-50 thousand dollars, but today the same apartment can be purchased for 30 thousand. In general, now the cost per square meter one-and two-bedroom apartment ranges of 750-800 dollars. Three rooms - a little cheaper. I'm talking about prices in the secondary market.

The primary market is cheaper (per 1 square meter - 500-550 dollars), since involves investment risks. Also playing a significant role in pricing and the fact that the apartment must wait at least six months. And then it requires also the finish, and this - an additional cost.

With the finish is clear. But why, given the low cost per square meter apartment in the primary market will still come out more?

- Across the square. Now we do not build small apartments like Khrushchev. There is no kitchen to 5 m, no toilets and 2 meters Now people want to live in the house a new level. And if the area is large, of course, and the total value obtained above. But now the locals are more interested in apartments in the primary market. If they choose - six months to wait and buy a new home or buy now and immediately, but Khrushchev - often stop at the first option.

And they have no precautions, homeowners can not wait?

- Fear, of course. But it saves us is that we - a small town. And there are not many foreign developers. The few companies that continue to build - local. They may have a little delay as possible, but construction did not cease. And the fact that people see their work as time and helps to restore confidence.

What today demands from buyers for apartments?

- First and foremost, they must be planning a new apartment, preferably on the 2-3 floors. But most importantly - how you can lower the price. Customers are willing to do a repair yourself, just at the initial stage to save money. They say, first buy a house, and then gradually put money into it.

The average buyer - this is not the person who comes into one agency and waits for him to pick up something. Instead, he will bypass the town, all the houses in search of an acceptable option.

Traditionally, the so formed that the one-and two-bedroom apartment is more interest among buyers. Actually it today?

- These apartments were in demand, enjoy and will enjoy. If we are talking about the studios, their popularity is because it is - the cheapest market segment. People buy what is available today, with the hope that in the future and to earn something better. There is also the mentality of our work. Because if the West is quite normal to live in a rented apartment, the Ukrainian wish to have at least something small, but his own.

In this case, perhaps, among us there are those who do not save on the flats. What is the situation in the Carpathian region with elite housing? Penthouses are still buying?

- Luxury accommodation? I can not even say with certainty is there in Uzhgorod. Well, maybe except one or two houses. After all, what penthouses? It's not flat on the 9 th floor, and the house on the roof of flats - with terraces and beautiful views. We have a joke - "I sell penthouse on the ninth floor malosemeyki. After the goods have once imagined.

Therefore, luxury homes, we do not so much. So you can call apartments in old houses on the embankments of the Independence district Rafanda. They always stable price (1000-1500 dollars per square meter) and the impact of the market is not very noticeable. All times are buyers who are looking for exactly such housing. Many of them. However, many of them did not have before the crisis.

Plays an important role for the buyers location of the apartment? Maybe certain areas Uzhgorod popular rest?

- You know it's all very subjective. I have quite a long time working on this market and always observe the following scene - who grew up on the right side of the grass snake has friends, relatives - more drawn to this part. Those whose childhood was spent in the new area, trying to find an apartment here. And generally are always popular location close to downtown, to schools, gardens, shops, work places trips. In industrial areas, as wanting to live is not too much.

Tatiana Tiborivna, despite the fact that housing prices have fallen, they still is not feasible for large numbers of people. And in such a situation, one of the outputs - for rent. What is the situation with this today?

- If the market in August, sales fell silent, then the lease, on the contrary - has jumped. This happened thanks to the students, just then began to seek shelter. In addition, demand for rental are still not completely satisfied. But this month, I think the situation is equalized.

Certainly, the spike in the price. So, if the student boom studio apartment can be removed for 1000 hryvnia, then now we are talking about 1300-1600. Doubles as from 1500 up until 1600-2000 hryvnia.

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