How much is the maintenance of the building?

09.12.2009 09:25
On the profitability of commercial real estate property, its market value is influenced by many factors. Unnecessarily inflated the costs of operating the building, as well as cost savings, lead to a reduction of profitability of the object.
In the first case - because of declining performance in the second - because of the increasing cost of removal resulting crashes and technical problems and, simultaneously, the loss of attractiveness of the facility for current and prospective tenants. With tighter competition in the commercial property market, with the number of operating companies question the definition of fair price real estate operation becomes the primary.
For the buyer of services operating company - the owner or developer of commercial real estate - and, accordingly, the seller - the operating organization - Deciphering the term "fair price" will be different.
"Any buyer is initially willing to receive quality service at minimal cost. In turn, the seller seeks to sell the service quality required by the customer exactly as much as it stands" - sums up the Deputy Director General for the real estate company VMB-Trust Yuri Koltsov. In this case, it is clear that a compromise could be reached after the tender.
However, as pointed out by speakers, tenders among the operating companies, are normally held on the two schemes. First: the customer evaluates the front surface for the operation, starting from this set price, usually much lower than the actual cost of services; circulate a proposal operating companies and expects of them agree. Second choice: when a customer gives an extremely precise specifications, list the required services and level of quality, consults on the approximate cost and holding a tender in several stages, is extremely rare.
The reason for the wrong pricing for the operation of commercial real estate client that does not take into account many of the nuances, the factors affecting the cost of operation as a whole and its individual services, in particular. At the cost of such factors as the technical condition of the building and its engineering systems, klassnost, size and remoteness of the object, the number of consumers, the demands of tenants.
"Operation of the business center of class A by 35-40% higher than the office of Class B" - said the head of the operation of the City-Hals Vadim Kovshov - indeed, in business centers class A cost affects the number of consumers services: if the number would rise at least 10-15%, the cost will increase by 2 times. "remote object from the place of home visiting emergency crews operating company increases production costs by 6 percent. It is worth noting that in recent years, many owner-operators do not hold on objects of highly qualified specialists to address complex technical failures and problems - it's too expensive. These specialists work in the mode of emergency teams, and at the site are on duty paid less than specialists, able to fix simple problems. That's why it is so important in the location of a specific object and its distance from home base emergency units.
In the operation of individual components of the property, namely: the construction and maintenance of telecommunication networks, too, there are many nuances. Thus, the Deputy Director of Sales FACILICOM Natalia Skachkova noted that the cost of cleaning services are very much dependent on technology and equipment used.
"For example, in one of our facilities, we began to apply the technology to dry cleaning, and we have dramatically increased productivity, reduced costs."
However, the effect of using modern technology and equipment to optimize the cost may be lower than expected if the design of the object were admitted miscalculations. For example, designers have not provided an opportunity to enhance technological bays for installation of additional engineering, telecommunications networks have been used or not most convenient for the operation of finishing materials, etc.
That's why, says the chief engineer of the company Becar Commercial Property Victor Gruzdev, ideally operating company should begin work on the project at the design stage. In this case, we can avoid a lot of mistakes, select the right technical solution.
Valery Kotelnikov, "Flat. Dacha. Office."

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