How much is a house on credit?

14.11.2010 10:30
Articles about real estate | How much is a house on credit? A fixed amount and is issued as a credit for the purchase of suburban real estate, most banks did not mention. The decision on granting of any amount the bank takes individually in each case. Mandatory condition for the decision to grant a mortgage loan - real estate valuation.According to experts, the main problem - lack of borrower's understanding of assessment procedures as a key. When the bank decides whether to grant a loan or not, Opinion serious impact on credit conditions, the definition of risk lender.

According to the bankers on the date the loan amount to buy suburban homes range from $ 20,000 to $ 100,000 with an average maturity of 10 years. Ukrainian banks provide loans for suburban real estate in the national currency. The interest rate depends on the maturity date.

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Deciding to take the credit, special attention is the borrower must pay at the rates and fees (cost of the bank) - namely, on their relationship.. Usually the size of down payment bank determines, based on the value of the land. Bank may extend credit, and without advance payment - the entire cost of the land. But this is only possible in the presence of collateral. As a rule, additional collateral for the loan serves any other immovable property which is owned by the borrower.

Credit to the ground
Get credit for the purchase of land and subsequent construction of the home (in contrast to the loan to purchase just the land) is more complicated. Such credit shall be in two stages: first - the purchase by the borrower land, the second - on a direct construction of houses. Moreover, the second phase of the borrower must provide the bank a full package of permits and design estimates. In this case, loan funds the bank will give the borrower parts (in tranches) to the extent of construction. It is worth mentioning that the process proper use of credit is always strictly supervised by specialists of the bank for the duration of building a house.

Necessary documents of the borrower:
* Application form;
* Civil passport borrower (copy of passport's wife / husband borrower)
* Help the assignment of ID of the borrower (a copy of IN wife / husband of the borrower)
* Letter from the employer confirming the position and payroll for the last year (six months) the borrower (spouse of the borrower),
* If the borrower is engaged in entrepreneurial activities, provided a copy of a patent for an entrepreneurship telskoydeyatelnosti, as well as Certificate of payment of the single tax and income from the tax inspectorate at the place of residence on income
* Entrepreneur as an individual to SAP over the past two years
* Copies of documents confirming ownership of the borrower's real or other property specified by the borrower in the application
* Certificate from the bank of available credit accounts, with the obligatory indication of the date of opening of accounts, balances and status of debt service (in the case of accounts in other banks)

Necessary documents to the object mortgages
* Legal documents (sales contract, the act of giving, etc.) on the property, which is the subject of the mortgage (as an additional or alternative provision)
* Documents evidencing ownership of the land and its intended purpose
* Certificate from ZHEK on the number of prescribed (registered) persons and no debt on the public services (in the case of additional or alternative provision)
* Report of the independent expert valuation of the mortgaged property
* Report actual value of the property for sale (plot plus invested in the construction of facilities), the degree of readiness of construction at the time of the assessment
* Assessment of the future (forecasted), the market value of an object with the land after the construction
* Assessment of land in terms of money
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