How much is a hectare of Ukrainian land?

30.06.2011 08:40
Articles about real estate | How much is a hectare of Ukrainian land? As we approach the land market in Ukraine, officials off the market by potential competitors of local investors.

Thus, the government has once again confirmed the data on non-admission to the purchase of land to foreigners, thus leaving the market at the mercy of domestic core players and speculators. However, the massive supply of land should not count neither the one nor the other - the Ukrainian agrarian conservatism is different and is unlikely to rush to part with their most valuable asset, even if he has such an opportunity, writes EI.

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Of discussions around the definition of the list of persons who have access to the purchase of Ukrainian lands, have not led to progress in this matter. As before, the officials are not ready to admit aliens into the market. The fact that foreign nationals will mean to potential buyers of Ukrainian land, once again Prime Minister Mykola Azarov. "I believe that our land is not now to be sold to foreigners.

We have a huge potential for increased cultivation. We have enough of our domestic investors, and at a time when the world is constantly rising prices for food, when the land becomes a strategic resource, it will be wrong this strategic resource transfer to foreigners, "- said the prime minister. Also, while debated question of the right to buy land for legal entities - the restriction was introduced in order to forestall the massive buying of land agroholdings but parallel clears the way for other potential buyers, often associated with agriculture.

Recall that the economic reform program provides for the introduction of a transparent market for agricultural land in 2012 Its implementation is based on three fundamental laws that are in the country has not yet been adopted: "On the Land Registry (adopted on first reading)," The land market " and "On the state mortgage bank."

How much per hectare

At present, the range of estimates of Ukrainian lands is startling in its scope. Ukrainian hectares and is estimated at $ 500 and $ 10 thousand a kind of benchmark prices can serve as an objective figure of $ 3.5 thousand, which is the average price of black soil, however, and she needs a substantial correction in the light are domestic factors.

"The reason is that nobody now knows the price of land. Determine a fair price if the market "- said Chairman of the Board of Raiffeisen Bank Aval Vladimir Lavrenchuk in the public debate on the theme" Free market of land - a threat to Ukrainian village. "

At the same time, according to experts at the start of the sales price is likely to be minimal due to the fact that the part of farmers, who waited for lifting the moratorium will enter the market with their holdings, which will put pressure on the price. The same factor and generates a paranoid version of its intention to close to the government officials to buy the most valuable land on the cheap at the height of the proposal. At the same time, small farmers and farming, land lease, will not be able to accumulate sufficient financial resources to buy processed their allotments.

"This amount is only a limited number of people in the state" - said the head of "grain-Gladkivschinskoe venture Laura Rubchenko. We note that the draft law on land market stipulates restrictions "on the number of hectares in one hand (figure varies by region), but market participants do not exclude the possibility of such transactions through nominees. In addition, given that last year took over management of agricultural markets is largely a manual mode, the same farmers fear the land market.

Rent instead of selling

The problem of mass buying up land and obezzemelivaniya Ukrainian peasant, which is referred to opponents of lifting the moratorium, more far-fetched. This is evidenced by the experience of neighboring countries, particularly Russia, in which land reform is over, and the opinions of the Ukrainian farmers.

So, according to a Goszemagentstvom Ukraine poll of 8,000 respondents unit-holders only 8.7% want to sell their land. The vast majority of farmers considered the most acceptable variant of the land lease (35,5%), while maintaining ownership of the allotment. "A small number of people willing to sell their holdings makes you think that lifting the moratorium will not lead to some serious social consequences," - said Sergey Salienko, director of market and land evaluation of the State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine. In Russia in the first year after the lifting of the moratorium had been sold, only 10% of the possible suggestions of farmland.

The reason for the low market activity lies in the psychology of the majority of farmers who are not ready to lose its main asset, and rightly so considering the rent as a more reliable and stable source of income. Estimated to officials in the first year after the reform in the turnover of the land market may be involved about 2.75 million hectares of agricultural land. This is only 6,5% of the total supply of agricultural land in Ukraine. However, even this amount of transactions can greatly enrich the budget: estimated, revenue from state duties would amount to 312 million USD.

The share of agricultural land in Ukraine is 0,8% of farmland in the world. Of the 60.4 million hectares of Ukrainian soil for more than 70% - 42,4 million hectares of agricultural land. Of those processed about 35 million hectares. Owners of farmland are about 7 million citizens of Ukraine. 32% of Ukrainian population lives in rural areas

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