How much does the Ukrainian land?

06.04.2011 00:07
Articles about real estate | How much does the Ukrainian land? 49% of farmers believe that the cost per hectare of arable land should not exceed 10 thousand UAH, while 28% estimate the cost of arable land to less than 5 thousand UAH. per hectare, showed results of a study of the Association of Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (ASTP)

Market value of agricultural land in Ukraine

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As reported in association for the study, 35% of farmers estimate the cost per hectare of arable land in more than 15 thousand UAH (including 23% - it's small farms no larger than 50 ha).

In addition, the experts add, the vast majority of small farmers are not going to buy the land after the introduction of a land market.

"In connection with this conclusion is that in case of cancellation of the moratorium on selling agricultural land, most small farms are ready to leave the agricultural market and expect a higher price to sell their lands," - says the expert agricultural markets ASTP Taras Gagalyuk.

At the same time, show the results of the study, among potential participants in the land market is about 30% estimate the cost of arable land is not higher than 5 thousand UAH. per hectare.

Recall that, according to Goszemagentstva normative score of 1 ha of arable land in 2010 on average in Ukraine amounted to 11.9 ths.

As reported, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych during teleproject Straight talk with the country said that in the first half of 2011 will be a program of land reform.

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