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23.10.2010 18:30
If a majority of Russians, the notorious housing problem was, and remains a pressing problem, then, for domestic celebrities who are, to say the wealthy people who buy a home is not difficult. However, many of them, of course, trying to settle in the heart of the capital. About what exactly apartments acquired in recent years the Russian star, today told the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily.<br /><br />So, the king of domestic pop scene Philip recently got a second apartment. The first - is that on Earthen shaft - to get artists from his father Bedros Kirkorov, who once knocked her through the Ministry of Culture. Writes "KP", a few years ago, Philip bought an apartment with neighbors above and made his dwelling in the double-decker semikomnatnye apartments worth $ 3 million (an estimated capital of Realtors). However, in recent years, the living space, according to the most Kirkorov, turned into a dressing room for the many costumes, but because it became necessary to purchase a new apartment. Find four-room dwelling for $ 5 million has helped the singer Alla Pugacheva: she picked up his apartment in the stairwell of her new home in Ôèëèïïîâñêîì lane. Kirkorov is planning to celebrate house-warming in winter, while in the stellar apartment renovation in full swing.<br /><br />The same thing is happening now in the new apartments Maxim Galkin, a $ 2.5 million, which are near the Lubyanka, the Varsonofevskom lane. True, new they are only for the actor: the house in which dwelt a parodist, built in 1896, and it was there "live" Ellochka Lyudoedochka of "The Twelve Chairs" by Ilf and Petrov. However, one apartment Maxim was not enough: he bought just two residential facilities, whose total area was 250 square meters. meters.<br /><br />Luxury apartment for $ 2 million and acquired a star television series "My Fair Nanny" Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. As the newspaper writes, having arrived from Astrakhan, the budding actress went to live with relatives who lived in a communal capital. Now Zavorotnyuk his own money bought apartments in the house of deputies on the street. Olof Palme, whose main feature - a huge kitchen. It is also said that Anastasia is and second, no less luxurious apartment - on the street. Pyreva, but this rumor. But the singer of "Factory" Sati Casanova moved on Mosfilmovskaya street. According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", most recently, she acquired it three-room apartment with total area of 100 square meters. m for $ 1.5 million. Repair of new housing singer has already graduated. "My favorite band in a new apartment - a bedroom, wallpaper is painted in pink" - confessed Casanova. Who would doubt ...<br /><br />In another popular singer, former lead singer of the "brilliant" Anna Semenovich, apartments modestly. The apartment, which is located near Kutuzov Avenue, just two rooms, and the total area of 85 square meters. meters. The apartment is worth $ 1 million Semenovich had to buy on credit. However, Anna lives alone, so it is not so crowded. At the same time on the farm helping her housekeeper, who not only cooks for the singer, but also walks her beloved dog, nicknamed La Marseillaise.<br /><br />Popular TV presenter Tina Kandelaki also doomed themselves to life on loan: closer to the new year, she will move into a new apartment in the area Krylatskie Hills with her husband Andrew Kondrakhin. The apartment total area of 340 square meters. m, located on the top, 32-floor skyscraper, the couple bought on credit for $ 1 million. Moreover, Kandelaki is owned and roof of the house, where there is a helipad. True, use this area for flights over Moscow's Tina can not: inside Moscow banned all flights. In addition, this site is intended only for helicopters, ambulances and emergency situations. However, this does not prevent Kandelaki open rooftop restaurant. Oh, these stars ...<br /><br />
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