How much does a penthouse apartment in Moscow?

25.01.2011 16:20
Penthouse - luxury mansion on the roof of the tall building in a prestigious area. One of the most expensive types of real estate. Even during a financial crisis such proposals in Moscow cost several million dollars.

Mansion on the roof

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Penthouse executive class in LC "Alice" is located at 23 th floor. It is 800 square meters. m impeccably decorated living space, including 90 square meters. m terrace from which you can enjoy magnificent views nearby forest and the panorama of the city, private elevator, private access to the roof. Elevator doors lead into a foyer with a magnificent fountain. Next - spacious living room, divided into several functional areas (dining, fireplace and several areas for entertaining and recreation).

"Men's" half of the apartment includes a large workroom, a library, a full bar, private room for storage and wine tasting, fitness room and fully equipped bathroom. In the penthouse has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, one with a Jacuzzi. From the master bedroom offers stunning views of the center of Moscow (see other photos in the gallery below).

On the supply and prices

Such offers in the market of elite housing in Moscow a little bit. It is estimated Director, Department of Residential Property Chesterton Ekaterina Thain, the primary market in the already constructed houses, belonging to the elite segment, the total amount does not exceed 10 penthouses in buildings under construction - about 20. "According to our estimates, this type of luxury apartments is not more than 11% of deals in the segment of finished housing (primary cell and secondary housing), the current proposal in the central regions of fewer than 40-50 objects", - she said.

The price range for penthouses in the elite new buildings of Moscow, according to Managing Partner at Blackwood Konstantin Kovalev, is the primary market from 18 to 42.5 thousand for 1 square. m, in the secondary - 15,6-50,6 thousand dollars. Such price dispersion expert explains that the penthouse - is exclusive offers and deals on the budget it is often determined by negotiation between seller and buyer.

Since the area of such apartments is not less than 300 square meters. m, then the cost of penthouses is sometimes several million dollars. "For example, in the primary market area of 952 square meters penthouse. M in the house" Grenade Palace offers for 42.8 million dollars, which amounts to almost 45 thousand dollars for 1 sq. meters. The starting price of penthouses in the residential complex "Grenade, 6 "- 22 million and $ 26 million. Area facilities is 538 and 687 square meters. m, so that the price per square meter here is up 40.8 thousand and 37.8 thousand dollars, respectively," - says the director of sales department of elite real estate company Penny Lane Realty Aleksander Zima.

Moscow penthouse

All of the surveyed experts agreed that the penthouse in the classical (American) understanding - it is a separate house (at least 300 square meters. M), located on the roof of a skyscraper in the prestigious area of the metropolis. Penthouse in Moscow must have panoramic windows, and windows should go to the four cardinal points, a separate elevator and out on the landscaped roof. Its heliport is welcome.

According to Konstantin Kovalyov, the Russian market for penthouses is in its infancy, so we have this category of housing is still pretty fuzzy characteristics. "Until recently, most people understand by the term atypical large apartment on the top floor with large balcony, as well as with several levels," - he recalls. However, in his estimation, most recently in the construction of luxury housing there is a tendency to improve the quality penthouses. "Builders are trying to the basic conditions inherent in such objects have been met," - says the expert. Moreover, according to Catherine Thain, Russian Penthouses are more suitable for the initial standards in area, and on characteristics than similar facilities in Europe.

Aleksander Zima believes that our penthouses do not match this format, but not because our developers are unable or unwilling to build quality. "Classical penthouses in Moscow today may not be - we have very different climatic conditions, soil quality, architectural traditions, than in New York. In Moscow, the most prestigious part of town - it's low-rise historic center, which is absolutely not suitable for construction of penthouses "- he explains. In addition, the expert said that for new residential complexes in the capital has strict restrictions on heights, so the penthouses, instead of thirty - the fiftieth floor are at the sixth - ninth. "High-rise buildings in Moscow, which offer a unique species are not located in the most prestigious areas - on the Third Ring Road and further from the center - and relate to the business class rather than elite," - he states.

However, the price discrepancy between Moscow penthouse classic setting has no effect ...

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