How much Cottage near Kiev?

02.06.2010 14:44
Oh, how I want to escape the summer in a village house! Go where the river, fresh air and green grass. "BLIC" examined the suburban real estate market and find out what price now for rent and buy cottages in villages near the capital.<br /><br /><strong>Renting</strong><br /><br />Remove the cottage for the summer today is simple. "Holiday" prices in the suburbs of Kiev range from $ 100 to $ 50 thousand per month.<br /><br />- First, the price affects the direction and distance from the city. An old cottage in the near suburbs can cost as much as the sound house in the 30-40 km from Kiev, - told "BLIC" broker "RieltKonsaltGrupp" V. Pasha.<br /><br />If near water, the price jumps up to 20-30%. Top of giving no further than 50 km from Kiev.<br /><br />- I can offer luxury villas in the village Hotyanovka (14 km from Kyiv) for $ 4000 per month. There is a house with a backyard plot in the village Berezan (80 km from Kyiv). Almost no amenities, but is 1200 UAH. - Says realtor Igor Vadimenko and recommends hurry to rent. Mol, unpacked quickly.<br /><br />- If funds are limited, look for cottages on 50 km from the capital. There are much cheaper - Tips brokers.<br /><br /><strong>Buy</strong><br /><br />Here the client - the king. Owners of personal "roof", as well as brokers are ready to make concessions, dropping to 10% of the declared price.<br /><br />- $ 75,000 employers ask for a house 50 km from Kiev in the village Zavorichi Brovarsky area with all amenities, well-tended orchard in the 25 hectare. I can throw another $ 5-7 thousand, - lures broker Olga Naumova.<br /><br />To bargain! Thus, the owner of the house in with. Hlevakha Vasilkovskaja district initially requested $ 25 thousand, and then lowered the price to $ 2,5 thousand<br /><br />According to Victor Pasha, the prices of holiday homes now fell slightly. But in the end of June is expected slight increase in the cost of such housing.<br /><br />Summer House 30 km from Kiev is about as capital "odnushka - 2500-4000 UAH. per month<br /><br />Rent a house in the village Hlevakha Vasilkovskaja area costs $ 900 per month<br /><strong><br />And in the Crimea and near Donetsk?</strong><br /><br />In the Donetsk region prices give considerably lower than near Kiev. Thus, 2-storey house, 5 km from Donetsk to buy from $ 20 to 30.tys. Renting houses in the same stands from 700 to 5000 UAH. month. In Crimea, "cottage" choice is very extensive. In the area of Evpatoria Feodosia, or you can rent a small house at a price of 1000 UAH. month. The highest rates - traditionally on the Southern coast of Crimea, in the area of Yalta. Price cottages with all amenities and a garden for the family here starts from $ 700-1000 per week. <br />
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