How much can you save by buying an apartment or a deposit machine

09.05.2011 07:55
Articles about real estate | How much can you save by buying an apartment or a deposit machine Krizis coming to an end, which means it's time not to miss the point of purchase is still cheap assets.

For example, the collateral from the banks, which failed to pay the borrowers, not coping with the credit load.

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If we believe the American private investment guru Robert Kitosaki, author of the acclaimed "Rich Dad's Guide to Investing", this way he earned his first money: banks looking to sell mortgages, bought them, make repairs, lease or sell at a higher price. Of course, for most Ukrainians purchase two or three apartments to diversify their assets just pink dream. But for those who have been saving money for their own housing, it is an opportunity finally to solve the housing problem. ask the price of the collateral.

What's selling

Having studied the proposals of banks, discovered many interesting things. Banks really are selling flats, plots, town houses (including construction in progress), cars, equipment, offices and much more. "Goods" can be seen on bank sites. There are web sites and special sales collateral. For example, or, where one base consolidated all offers creditors. By the way, financial institutions are ready to sell with it not only Kiev liens and assets in the region, particularly in such attractive locations as the Crimea and the Carpathians.

True, the quality of mortgages is very different. Here you can find and killed at yedinichku Borshchagovka for $ 50 thousand, and a luxurious mansion in the Kiev region of $ 2 million And the number of cheap apartments, usually no more than one or two, but expensive by the thousand.

The average price of a deposit-room apartment on the outskirts of Kiev - $ 43-65 thousand, in the heart or nearby areas for him - $ 90-120 thousand for a two-bedroom accommodation, depending on the area asking $ 56 thousand to $ 180 thousand Prices, as we see below market, but not by much - for a maximum of 5-10%.

Plots in Kiev area are offered for $ 15-36 thousand per 4.6 hectare (Toompea, Vasilkovsky district), and in the prestigious areas of the Crimea (Livadia) price for the item reaches $ 60-80 thousand per hundred square meters in the capital request of $ 36 thousand .

On the whole, after studying the proposals of banks having mixed feelings. Assets sold with "history" and used, and prices for this are not small. Range of interesting options are extremely limited.

Risks and benefits

We are not casually draw attention to the "dark past" of mortgages. The fact that some borrowers who are consumed, lead litigation with the bank, and these lawsuits could take years. Even if the bank won the dispute in court and brought a pledge from the registry of collateral, it does not mean that the borrower does not appeal the decision and did not balk at eviction from an apartment deposit or withdrawal of cars. Justifies a reduction in 5-10% of the subsequent troubles with the property? Hardly.

Engage in such games is just for the sake of a much larger discount. For example, in 30-50%. It can be obtained if the purchase collateral at public auction (in this case, the money raised from the sale of the lot, also credited as repayment of the loan). Incidentally, in early March, changes were made to the Law "On Enforcement Proceedings," under which the price can be halved if the debtor is not an apartment applicants for auction. Previously cut the price on "unsaleable goods" more than 30% were not allowed.

In addition, due to legislative changes the number of objects for sale may increase dramatically. The fact that the government expanded the powers of the performers on vytryasaniyu money from insolvent debtors: already at the 16 th day after they failed to comply with the court's decision to return the debt, you can begin the eviction from an apartment deposit. Thus, will soon acquire real estate at auction can be a very profitable venture.

By the way, when buying a mortgage you can renew the loan of an insolvent debtor itself under a low, pre-crisis rate (13-15% per annum) or issue a new loan on more favorable terms. Banks are very reluctant to such transactions, trying to get rid of bad debtors. But getting a new loan in the currency can not be - just under 18-20% in UAH with the obligatory initial payment of at least 30% of the value of collateral. When you register, of course, have to pay for insurance, fees and notarization of the transaction.

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